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by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, writing
I have a new fantastic friend here at APSense. Sorry, can't remember his last name, and he prefers I call him Sig. You'll find the link to his profile in the "review" section. Sig has a TAE. Read on.
Recommended Features
  • TAE means Text Ad Exchange, nice places to practice your copywriting skills for FREE
  • I joined Entertained Ads yesterday, I have 2 referrals already!
  • TEXT ADS have sold more products and found more Referrals Online than any other Type of Advertising.
  • See Google Or Yahoo, in fact in most Search Engines that's all they use.
  • Sigurd provides tips and pointers for you to write better Ads
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Review on Entertained Ads

Entertained Ads has been designed to....

Take your Ads to far away places

Get your Ads seen by Every Eye possible

Provide tips and pointers for you to write better Ads

Keep you, our members up to date with any current or braking
News as we hear it.

Listen to you and where possible and if beneficial to the majority
implement any suggested ideas or changes

Have fun and enjoy your stay.

Ok, that first part, I was lazy, it comes directly from the site. :)

Me and Sig ( it's him up here ) became immediate friends when he joined APSense 3 days ago. He is as crazy as me, marketingwise, if that's possible.

Here, take a look at Sigurd teaching me about text ads.

Convinced? I knew you would be. LOL

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Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
I saw the advert this morning when i accessed wiki clix for first time, looks good,we in Nigeria have the money to buy scripts for TEs just funding payment processors, that is why am working hard to have any US based credit card. That's by the way.
The entertained ads TAE is indeed fine.
May 18th 2011 15:27   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
I look forward to learning from Sig how to best use such a site. Thanks for feedback, Chuck :)
May 18th 2011 20:48   
Sig TeamSig Senior   Marketing
As Philippe says he has got some good refs to the site allready. And we aork hard to make this site even better for our members.
ur Downlinebuilder inside will help you members to get Clsoe to "auto-refereals" to diff sites.
Last Site we have added to HELP Members is this site APsenses. Its easy to use Downlinebuilder, you go there add your reflink below the banner. And all you ref to entertainedads can go look at the sites in there, and if they like to join, they will become your referral.
but if there is some sites in the Downlinebuilder you not Join or forget to put your referral link in, the memeber will become a referral for the person that Ref You.

We allso work on good prices for loyal users of our site, that will be more $$Prices and other as we grow.

May 18th 2011 21:05   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Thanks for the additional info, Sig :)

I hope I can be a loyal member, looking good so far :)
May 18th 2011 21:09   
Rieke F. Senior   Consultant
@Philippe: thanks for bringing this opportunity to our eyes! :)

My personal experience with text ads till now is not so overwhelming. As the concept looks interesting, please keep me/us informed how it works for you and most important: how much time do you have to spend daily...
May 19th 2011 03:16   
Sig TeamSig Senior   Marketing
@Rieke I am owner of and how much time you spend is how much time you like to spend. To tell truth, you can for collect points to use for your own promotions, say about 20-40min you can get a lot of points. Then use them on the site to addd your banners,txt ads,soloads ++
You can allso make it easy buy cheap packages to use for promotion, only you then have to do is add them into the site, and it will rotatet, and our system does the rest.

Its not that hard work, for a big chance to get many hits and traffic.

As our site allso have Downlinebuilder, where we yesterday allso added Apsense, its kinda fun as you then add your referral code for your apsense in it, and for other sites wif you like to. And if you ref people to our site and then check the _Downlinebuilder and want to join any of the programs, You get them in your ref system.

Its not that hard as you think really.

Its ofcoz all up to you, but Can tell we have around 50 SUPERJV positions left, where you get about +$75 in free advertising and even more with a promocode you find inside advertising area.

So there is much you can get out of it, and as we grow we will add special helpfull deals for loyal members and allso $$ prices for best ref members and more...

You are welcome to test it out, Philippes ref link is right below the Video.

Yours friendly
Admin and owner of
May 19th 2011 03:44   
Rieke F. Senior   Consultant
And again I wrote the comment on the wrong place.... Therefore these words to complete my task :)
May 19th 2011 07:53   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Rieke, I wrote a subject in the group "Text Ads Works" about an experiment I do with banners for getting referrals in TAEs. I'm new at using TAEs for my business. I hope to get some success.
May 19th 2011 08:08   
Sig TeamSig Senior   Marketing
Philippe You will get success, I just know!

And I had to Twitter this one again for you!

May 19th 2011 18:43   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
Good idea, like Chuck Berry sang, Let's Twitt again LOL
May 19th 2011 18:44   
Sig TeamSig Senior   Marketing
ah..I did nearly miss that

And that Funny person Sig ;o) He is really a good teacher, and a Gold should get to know him, yes you know the perosn from that movie in here :)

May 19th 2011 19:57   
David C. Advanced   manager
DO you get the adds into your inbox and you have to read them inorder for your add to be posted out and read,Thats not a new Idea I just had to unsubscribe from one that had over a 100 adds in 2 days in my inbox
May 20th 2011 15:49   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
David, in gmail, it's easy to add a folder and a filter to send all the emails in that folder, besides, I have a gmail account for safelists and TAEs
May 20th 2011 15:52   
David C. Advanced   manager
I keep my gmail accounts clear as my website is backed by Google and to be honest I never read these ads I have 3 busines email accounts for companies and reps wanting to send me samples at the moment it is diaries when I come of here I have another one to check for tomorrow so I rarely get into my goole account.I personelly dont have a problem with mail from you when it becomes big companies who are offering silver,gold,platinum and at the end of the day I have made a big 0 but the other company has got itself a mailing list from my work
May 20th 2011 16:05   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
To be honest, I open these emails to get the points, the splash pages really have to be very good to grab my attention
May 20th 2011 16:12   
Sig TeamSig Senior   Marketing
For info:
At entertainedads we do send out solo ads yes, but we spread them out so there will not be 100s of mail from us in your inbox as with many other systems. We are in controll of all adds that comes in to us, and we time them so that there will NOT be a big rush of mails at same time from us. We know many sites does that, and we will NOT. Ofcause we will send out and yes you get points for it. But not flood out tons at same time.

Just for information to those who belive that we the same as other sites.

May 20th 2011 16:37   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
btw, Sig, I clicked through just about everything I could on your site yesterday, including the 92 ads in the, can't remember what it was :)
May 20th 2011 16:41   
Sig TeamSig Senior   Marketing
Well then I bet you have a lot of points to put out banner ads etc ;)

May 20th 2011 16:42   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, writing
LOL I should that, I guess :)
May 20th 2011 16:42   
Sig TeamSig Senior   Marketing
I notice a lot of hits on entertainedas ads now...and special the downlinebuilder.

about 50 SUPERJV positions is left in there.

May 22nd 2011 20:19   
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