Earn $30 a Day without Investment

by A S Kumar Netpreneur
Inviting only those people who are self motivated to work and earn part time monthly Income. Unlike other online earning jobs that require Experience and Investment, this job does not require any exp
Recommended Features
  • No Experience required
  • Requires only about 30 minutes every day
  • More than 80000000 people have received the payment
  • Job is simple
  • Income will depend on how much time you can dedicate to the work
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Review on Earn $30 a Day without Investment

This job does not require any experience and
investment. You will not become Rich overnight but you can earn a decent income and your income will depend on how much time you can dedicate to the work.
"The person who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore." -Dale Carnegie

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Madan K. Committed   Digital Marketing Consultant
LIke to know more about earning $30 day..
Aug 5th 2013 12:23   
A S Kumar Committed   Netpreneur
This is for absolute beginners bhaswati. As it requires zero investment, can begin without any fear.
Aug 7th 2013 10:23   
Rajib Mishra Freshman  Internet Marketer
How to begin ? Can I make money with this really for free ?
Aug 24th 2013 06:50   
A S Kumar Committed   Netpreneur
Yes but it is not going to happen overnite. You will have to work to a plan
Aug 25th 2013 13:13   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
OK, this has been out for a minute who has made money with this so far?
Sep 13th 2013 09:36   
Pulak B. Professional   E-Marketer
Has just signed up. So, let me see
Sep 13th 2013 09:54   
Alan Mones Professional   Forex Trader, CPA, Networker
Interesting post. I want to know what's in it.
Sep 27th 2013 16:05   
Todd Perry Committed  Honest ways
From my experience there is nothing out there that you can make money from that you do NOT have to spend money. This sounds like another one of those complete this offer and we will pay you .50 cent, then complete this one and get 1.00. And all those offers require you to spend money or give out your info so they can sell it to make them money.

Beginners beware, Experienced ones open your eyes you know better then to fall for this.

You see when people post stuff like this and you ask what it is and they do NOT tell you the RUN RUN RUN. If they are not willing to tell you what it is then it is most likely some sort of scam, bait and switch, or just junk.

Before you join anything do your research, and don't just google it. use bing also to get more info that google does not provide.

Hope this help all of you.
Oct 21st 2013 09:05   
Thomas Bergel Professional   Quality Internet Sales
In order to earn money, someone else must spend money. So if I'm not spending money, who is?
Oct 28th 2013 12:30   
A S Kumar Committed   Netpreneur
@Todd. I respect your thoughts. Every opportunity has it's merits and demerits. People have lost money in MLM, Forex, HYIP, Revenue Share, Passive Income Programs to name a few. This system begins with reputed PTC programs and the seed money is reinvested in the affiliate programs which have been running for well over a Decade now. You can call it SCAM but the winners will make money from it as for Quitter ... they will Quit before you count TEN.
Oct 29th 2013 07:05   
A S Kumar Committed   Netpreneur
@Thomas. Yes the money you earn is spent by advertisers.
Oct 29th 2013 07:06   
Todd Perry Committed  Honest ways
A S Kumar,
You are correct the winners will make money from the quitters that realize it is a scam and get out with minimal lose.

All of the types of programs you mentioned are scams with the exception of some MLM that are legit, Those mlm's that have legit products, that can be bought without joining the business are not scams. If they were then every company that has legit products would be a scam.

I guess sense you promote this program then you promoted the other programs you mentioned, If so that makes you just as much a scammer as the creator of the program.

Now with this program it sounds like, I sign up as a promoter and promote what the advertisers are paying to be promoted and I get paid.

Well that little trick has been done many times and in 99% of those time the owner of the program said thanks for the money have a nice day. I will be back later with another program named something else and take your money again.

I do wish you the very best in your online adventure, However if you do not put something into your business the chances of getting anything out of your business is very very small.
Nov 2nd 2013 21:33   
A S Kumar Committed   Netpreneur
@Todd. I have promoted quite a few programs, got scammed a lot. I learnt good lesson from that. I now have a small team of people whom I try to help honestly. Yes sometimes I do make mistakes. I have whenever possible paid back my money to people who trusted me and invested. I am not bragging. I do this to justify to myself that I am not a scammer. I know this may be perceived as a gimmick of mine. I need to answer to my conscious. Cannot please everyone. If still I am labeled Scammer it's part of the Deal. I am unaffected.
Nov 3rd 2013 07:13   
Shaf Brady Professional  Online Business Shop Services
from my knowledge usually making money is free and sometimes you have to pay though not for information usually for a product you are selling or if you are using hosting otherwise there is no reason to pay for information you can get for free from people like me.
the site says
More than 80000000 people have received the payment! hmm
now from the alexa stats that is hard to believe i see you are a affiliate A S Kumar and from my knowledge you do not own the site is that correct?
Nov 3rd 2013 07:18   
Todd Perry Committed  Honest ways
@Admin Free Hosting

Making money is NOT and never was free. It has and always will cost something to make money, Rather it is your time, effort, or money. Either way it will always cost you something. Look up the definition of free.

There is no where in the would that you can make money for free, You can however trade something for that money and in most cases that is your time.

That is the problem with people today, They see that work free and think I sign up and I make money. WRONG. Programs always use that word free and there program has nothing to do with free except maybe the signup. Once you signup there is nothing more that is free. You must and I stress MUST do something to earn that money, If the program says you don't then it is a scam 1000% Scam.

There is absolutely nothing in business that is free. If it was you nor anyone else would be online or have a job, we all would be sitting at home watching tv, playing games, going to the beach, doing whatever we want to do and never have the need for money.
Nov 3rd 2013 07:41    Edited in Nov 3rd 2013 07:41
A S Kumar Committed   Netpreneur
@ Admin Free Hosting. I am an affiliate as you have rightly said. Since this plan of action involves more than one program I am using a LCP of my own.
Nov 3rd 2013 08:26   
A S Kumar Committed   Netpreneur
@Todd. Nothing comes Free in this world. But normally Free would mean No investment of Money. When you go for a job you invest Time for Money. Sometimes you get scammed and lose your Pay. When you Love someone you invest your heart, Love and feelings but you can get scammed. When you make friends you invest trust and you can get scammed. But there are honest people and viable programs. One needs to find them and judge as per their merit instead of concluding that they are scam. Once again when we say Scam programs it generally meant that our money is lost. Scamming maybe of Time, Love, trust etc. I would not amputate a limb if it gives pain, I would rather find a solution for it.
Nov 3rd 2013 08:32   
Shaf Brady Professional  Online Business Shop Services
it is misleading as i pointed out though i see this a lot most people do not realize its a scam as they are not all fully qualified advanced experts like me so it happens alot
Nov 3rd 2013 08:38   
Alan Mones Professional   Forex Trader, CPA, Networker
I have not yet tried this program. But to neutralize, there are sites that you can earn for free. Just sign up for free, market the site, and earn commission. This is not the right place to post the link, but if you are interested, drop me a message.
Nov 3rd 2013 08:42   
Alan Mones Professional   Forex Trader, CPA, Networker
Of course after signing up, you have to work on it, sell it in order to earn from it. But you don't necessarily lay out money. Your only investment is your effort in selling it.
Nov 3rd 2013 08:44   
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