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With Dwolla, you can use your phone, computer, as well as your social networks and physical locations to send and receive cash, for the cheapest price and the most convenience.
Recommended Features
  • Free micro-transactions (any transaction $10 or less isn't charged our $0.25 transaction fee)
  • Send money affordably, we only charge $0.25 a transaction on any transaction over $10
  • Send and receive money with your mobile phone
  • Instantly share money with friends, family and businesses through social networks
  • Cheaper than paypal fees!
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Review on Dwolla

So, what is Dwolla exactly?

First and foremost we are a cash based payment network, just in a way that many arent used to seeing, yet. See, we allow you to pay for goods and services on our payment network, while also giving you the freedom to send and receive cash with whomever via our peer-to-peer payment platform; however, we do it without the expensive fees, debt-inducing policies, and antiquated plastic credit cards.

Whats unique is what weve done on top of that network. Weve built a family of technologies that make it quick, easy and secure to send and receive money the way you want. Whether that means buying a latte with your phone at your favorite coffee shop, paying for a new pair of shoes online or sending money to a Facebook friend, Dwolla represents a whole new payment experience that we believe is the future of cash.

Just a few things that Dwolla can be used for:
Retail purchases - Check out to see a map of all the businesses that accept Dwolla
Peer to peer transactions - Do you owe your friend money? Send them money through Dwolla!
Online - There are a number of online businesses that accept Dwolla
Donations - Send your favorite charity or non-profit your donation through Dwolla!

Is Dwolla safe?

Dwolla isnt only safe, its safer than plastic!

The numbers on your card correspond with a bunch of private information that can easily be stolen and used fraudulently. Every time you flash your card or hand it to a waiter, you're jeopardizing your financial security. With Dwolla, none of your information is transferred/released/captured/transcribed during a transaction. Furthermore, our mobile and online payments are layered with security features that not even banks or the credit card industries have. Simply put, we allow you to move your money the way you want to without exposing or sharing your personal information to a third party.

Why dont you take credit or debit cards?

Take out your plastic card. See that little Visa logo (or any other card logo) in the bottom right-hand corner? Now, think of that image as your membership ID to send money on that corresponding network. Unfortunately, businesses and services must pay the card company fees and monthly costs to accept your payment and is why a lot of small businesses refuse to take cards. These swipe fees cost between 2% and 7% of the purchase, plus an additional $.30 cents per transaction processing fee (along with a host of other charges). To offset the annual $48 billion in fees, merchants raise the price of goods and services to compensate. Naturally, Dwolla is building the solution to this problem, which means we must avoid these plastic networks.

Why should I use Dwolla?

Free micro-transactions (any transaction $10 or less isn't charged our $0.25 transaction fee)
Send money affordably, we only charge $0.25 a transaction on any transaction over $10
Send and receive money with your mobile phone
Instantly share money with friends, family and businesses through social networks
Pay for goods or services based on your current location from within your mobile phone
No more ATM inconveniences (first finding the ATM and then paying $5 fees seems a bit outrageous to us)
Enjoy retail-sponsored discounts for using Dwolla
Set up automatic payment features for services, like rent or utilities
Enjoy our rapidly increasing depth of technological services
Transparently track and report your payments with detailed personalized statements

Where can I use Dwolla?

Dwollas low-cost for merchants has led to pretty rapid growth all over the country. You can currently use Dwolla with merchants online and in retail stores, as well as with your social network connections or any email or phone number.

What is Dwolla Spots?

Like many other popular location-based technologies, Spots roots Dwollas virtual activity into brick-and-mortar locations and real-world environments. By adding a proximity element to digital-based transactions, the new technology allows users to find Dwolla merchants, confirm payments, and share their transactions with your friends on social networks, all based solely on your location. This increases convenience for the consumers and financial value for the merchants. Be sure to check out the video of our Spots feature in action.

Only $0.25 per transaction on any amount over $10, and free for all transactions $10 or less? How can you afford to be so cheap?

Yes, compared to the average 3% + $.30 processing fee per transaction with the use of credit and debit cards and other online payment networks, we are incredibly affordable. How do we do that, you ask? Weve created our own hybrid ACH network with our technology partners and investors. The result is a new, safer and more secure way to transfer money that works on and with social behaviors you engage in, on a daily basis.

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