Driver Find

by David C. manager
There is nothing worse than slow drivers or ones that decide to go on holiday,their the worst,this tasty bit of software will find them clean them and up-date them,bring them into the 21st century
Recommended Features
  • Speeds up Slow drivers
  • Up-dates the drivers to there latest version
  • gives your computer a complete search
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Review on Driver Find

Everyone needs to give their computer an overhaul ,occaisionally,like the Tin Man in The Wizard of OZ you need that bit of oil or that spark plug in your carcleaned up Your computer needs its Drivers checked cleaned up and up-dated this is the Program to do it .Have a red not a glance.This will be the best thing you can do for your computer ,it will speed it up so much that you will actually notice it,it will work faster and better.REMEMBER one main thing your computer is your livelyhood,your business if it breaks down because you couldn't be bothered to give it the once over it is your fault,nobody eleses,unless you believe in Gremlins.Would you let your brand new car go without a service I don't think so.SO read this carefully don't just glance at it.

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Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Do I take your word that this product can be trusted, Davy ? LOL

I guess you'll say it's reliable because one of your countrymen created it. :)

To anyone reading this comment, David and I are very good friends.

I will take a look for sure, cause 2 weeks ago, my laptop wouldn't boot, I was scared shitless, man... The funny thing is, it happened because when I got up in the morning, the fan was working on overdrive, whatever the reason. The only thing that worked was the power on button. I finally turned it off, crossed my fingers that letting it cool off for a couple of hours would give it time to get back its electronic breath, and Lo and Behold, it worked!
May 17th 2011 22:48   
David C. Advanced   manager
You should feed the hamster and it will stop running around in the wheel that drives the fan
May 17th 2011 23:54   
Tolulope Babatunde Senior   HCD Consultant
Sure, I need to do something about this. I've not for once really done any serious overhauling on my laptop. This is a perfect maintenance all PC user adopt
May 18th 2011 04:35   
Genome Senior   
Whatever David Crayton has ever posted, it is helpful in one or the other way, he never promotes those things which are shit. His other page Free Traffic System is also great. so whatever come from him accept it with your eyes closed.
May 19th 2011 20:59   
David C. Advanced   manager
Thanks for that comment Tauheed,I try to help the members as much as possible,where money is tight,if I find something that will help others I will post it,as I beleive we should all hep each other as much as possible
May 20th 2011 03:44   
Rieke F. Senior   Consultant
Seems as if I could need it too as 2 of my 4 input devices for USB connection don't work any more. As I am not a techie one, I am now a little bit afraid of using it, after reading the information of driver finder...
May 20th 2011 04:28   
Genome Senior   
@david, definitely we will try our level best to get help each other out...:::)
May 20th 2011 05:06   
Wayne Kuschert Advanced   
very good I know at times I need all the help I can get
May 20th 2011 05:53   
David C. Advanced   manager
Rieke,I sent you the personal message about your laptop we all have to remember are equipment has to be Tested and serviced it amazes me that ,everyone on Apsense is Doing work with the computer that is thier main tool like a vandrivers van,if your in the mddle of something and it goes it is the stuff of nightmares,you could loose all your memory.You don't have to worship your computer,but just keep checking it,because once your computer is broken,you are no longer an Internet marketer,but some one selling a broken computer on ebay
May 20th 2011 08:22   
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