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Crystal Sweet Algae is 100% organic, natural and Kosher Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake. We provides the only naturally growing complete multi-vitamin in the world like klamath algae, klamath blue
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Green Earth Naturals is an online database that specializes in capsules of blue-green algae that are used for increased energy, sexual function, brain power, and other vitalization of the body and mind. Green Earth Naturals offers a capsule supplement unlike other algae out on the market. Not all algae are produced equally, or even is the same kind of algae as is available here on Green Earth Naturals. Green Earth Klamath algae supplements will increase your enzyme function, which will help in metabolizing and moving matter through your system, to reap the benefits of increased energy and alertness. Klamath is a lake flourishing with healthy, ancient algae with phyto-nutrients, located in Oregon. Green Earth uses a process for harvesting and then producing the capsules of these Klamath algae, called Refractance Window drying.
The result is something Green Earth Naturals refers to as Crystal Sweet Blue-Green Algae, or Crystal Klamath algae. Enzymes in the body function in top form in response to the purity of these crystal Klamath algae. Green Earth knows that not all algae processing is the same, and not all of it allows your enzyme function to increase so dramatically and fruitfully, to produce your better energy and moods. The crystal refractance drying process allows the algae to stay 100% organic, taken right from Klamath Lake, and then put into capsules. The appearance sets these Klamath algae apart from other algae supplements out there as well, because it has a glittering look in its capsules. Klamath crystal algae also does the integral work of improving your enzyme functioning while actually tasting bettersweeterthan most other bitter blue-green algae. The result is all-around better experiences and effects in the body.
The Klamath algae capsules are also 100% vegetarian, so there is no gelatin or other strange and unnecessary ingredients in the actual capsules that hold in the sweet algae.

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