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by Andriana A. Affiliate MLM
150% Revenue Share. All member start earning with free member Or Start at $1 + Earn revenue sharing up to 150% ROI Return Affiliate Commission 10% for every sell ads and services
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DigAdz is a brand new Hybrid RevShare Opportunity that allows members to earn a large residual income as a FREE or PAID member.
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DigAdz will allow users to advertise their business of choice to thousands of other users inside of the program. You can also earn money in DigAdz as this is a Revsharing and Advertising company as a free member, or if you choose to buy advertising packs. You will also receive useful Marketing tools and customizable preferences help you make your campaign targeted and profitable.
If you want to earn BIG in this company, GET IN NOW!
There is already over 25,000 people inside of DigAdz as of Launch Day!

You buy Shares or Ad packs of the company, and you are paid on your shares/ad packs every few minutes based on the revenue of the company. The products that you get are usually advertising credits, which you can advertise your business of your choice. Advertising credits are pretty much an industry standard.

DigAdz is different than all of the other RevShare opportunities, and is very open about it. They do NOT like to be compared to other RevShare opportunities.
DigAdz operates on a point system, instead of a cash system.
There is multiple ways to earn points, as this is a Hybrid program.
You can then cash in your points and turn them into cash.
So what does this mean? ... BUILD UP AS MANY POINTS AS POSSIBLE!
There is several ways to earn points, as this is a hybrid program.
FREE membership have potential to earn big earnings as well.
There Are Several Ways To Earn Points Inside Of DigAdz
1 Point = .001 Cents
1000 Points = $1 US Dollar

As a FREE member of DigAdz, you can Dig Points.
Digging points means clicking PTC (Paid To Click) ads. EACH Dig Points Ad will give you 12 points.
Paid Members are encouraged to do this as well, as the more points, the more potential money!
But the bigger money will come from buying Ad Bundles.
EACH bundle only costs 1 dollar, so this is affordable for ANYONE!
For EACH Ad Bundle you purchase, you will receive the following.
100 impressions for banner size 72890 PX.
200 impressions for banner size 46860 PX.
300 impressions for banner size 125125 PX.
Receive 1500 Points. So for EACH Ad Bundle you buy, your going to get 150% ROI as 1500 Points = $1.50

On purchasing any advertising campaign will not generate any profit for your Digadz account! You will earn points.
Dig Value Ads are what you must click to convert your points into real time money.
You will be able to Dig Value Ads for the previous days points.
Dig Bonus Ads can be done DAILY whether you are a FREE or PAID member, and you will receive 12 points PER Dig Bonus Ad. How this works is you get a certain amount of ads to click. Each Ad has a chance to have a DigAdz Bonus inside of it, ranging from points to cash value!
Please note that Dig Bonus Ads are totally optional, and DigAdz Bonuses are paid out the following day if you receive a bonus.
Members of DigAdz will have a chance to build as many points as possible.
The more points you have, the more Advertising you can do, and the more Money you can make.

There is 11 Levels in the DigAdz Point System.
They are as follows.
Point Level 1 .. 800 to 4.5k
Point Level 2 .. 4.5k to 10.5k
Point Level 3 .. 10.5k to 22.5k
Point Level 4 .. 22.5k to 45k
Point Level 5 .. 45k to 82.5k
Point Level 6 .. 82.5k to 165k
Point Level 7 .. 165k to 330k
Point Level 8 .. 330k to 660k
Point Level 9 .. 660k to 1.35m
Point Level 10 .. 1.35m to 2.7m
Point Level 11 . 2.7m to 7.5m
Once you hit levels 8-11, you will be earnings from a smaller % of people, so Dig Value Ads will be higher! Most people as of now are levels 1-6.

So What Makes DigAdz So Revolutionary? Most RevShare opportunities are pretty much all the same, with a few minor differences. Some offer higher ROI (Return Of Investment), but offer less referral bonuses. One may be better at one thing, but not as good at another part of the compensation plan.

Only requirement in DigAdz is you MUST Click Ads EACH Day.
DigAdz offers 150% ROI, where most companies offer 125% or less.
If you Ad Bundles at $1 in DigAdz, you will get a return of $1.50 (in points). You would then use your earnings to consistently buy more Ad Bundles.
The more Points you own, the more money you make.
Building a large daily residual income is key!
Most Companies charge anywhere from $5 up to $40 per share or Ad pack. DigAdz will make this affordable for ANYONE because you can join for free and earn money, and start as a Paid Member for as low as $1.
DigAdz offers cheaper Ad Bundles, which means people will be constantly repurchasing Ad Bundles, in return keeps earnings much higher.
Trusted Admin. Beejay has a very loyal following because of his success in other RevShare Opportunities.
This is a Hybrid RevShare. You CAN make money as a FREE Member.
Referring others is NOT required to make money in DigAdz.
If you choose to refer others, you will earn 10% on ANYTHING they purchase, even when they use a Re-Purchase Balance.
You will also earn 5% of your referrals clicks.
That is awesome!


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