Millionaire$Cycler is Scamm

by Mario Djivanovic marketer
I didnt earn anything for the past few months until I join this site, and now Im making money finnaly.
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Review on Millionaire$Cycler is Scamm

10 Easy Cycles and You Make $1,000,000

All it takes is a onetime lifetime payment of $25 to get started. Once started, each time you cycle, you are paid into the next cycle automatically and then re-entered in thge current cycle. You can have dozens of spots working their way towards $1,000,000

Only $25 To Get Started...That is ALL you ever pay!! No Hidden Fees or Recycle Fees!

You can have multiple spots cycling daily in each cycle, re-entering the next cycle for FREE and the process continues for Perpetual Income Every Day. Each Cycle will grow at an enormous rate, adding cycles and spillover over and over again.

You do not have to sponsor anyone, but we recommend that you try and refer at least 2 and have them do the will have then cycled in Cycle A quickly, get re-entered for free in Cycle A, and the also entered into Cycle B for Free! The sponsor bonus ($5 for each member) means you get paid when those you refer and also when they cycle - a Win-Win scenario for everyone..members helping members.

The Concept is great, We Learn, Earn and have Fun same time. The website does everything as promised and more A Tested and Proven Concept. Check and if convinced; TRY, you dont loose anything at all

I am so happy that I joined this program when I did, it is awesome!. I am recommending this program to all my friends, associates, and contacts. I was never a fan of cycling programs, but this one is so unique, because it WORKS!

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millionaire cycler, million dollar cycler, make money, earn fast cash Millionaire Cycler is perhaps the best program out of the 100's, it seems, I have joined. If I want a fast group, I just benefactor in some members and they are added really fast

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Wendy Ward Senior  Web Designer
maybe you are making money from this, maybe you are not, but whatever you say cyclers almost always disappear within a few months taking everyones money with them
Jan 28th 2011 08:51   
Mario Djivanovic Senior   marketer
Im making money believe me I just started 3 days ago I already have 250$ that I put on my AlertPay
Jan 28th 2011 09:02   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
I believe you it is a scam and I will treat it accordingly. Like I have said previously I find using the word scam to promote something is unethical and leads me to believe the only reason you are using that word to promote it is because there is good reason to believe that is what it is...a scam.
Jan 28th 2011 09:21   
Mario Djivanovic Senior   marketer
Ive seen plenty people here putting SCAMM to draw attention of more readers so I did that, that is the main reason. I see that also 3 people press the dislike button. So it seems to me that only if you are long time here in apsense people appreciate you. When you are nobody then nobody likes what you put and dont even care what you put
Jan 28th 2011 10:29   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
I also see plenty of people do it but does that make it ethical? 3 people pressed that dislike button for a reason.

The length of time you are here has nothing to do with it, it is how you present yourself that counts. do you really want to connect yourself and your opportunity to being a scam? Think about it. Think about the long term consequences of using such a negative approach to your marketing.

As far as following what you see other people do, if 2 dozen people jumped off a cliff to their deaths would you jump also simply because they did it?
Jan 28th 2011 10:45   
Kevin Bru Senior   It's All Up to YOU! Act NOW!
I must agree with Cheryl, putting the word "scam" in the heading might get you attention, but it makes me think why did you have to stoop to that to get me interested in the product/program? Won't it stand on it's own? I also bet that those "dislikes" came more from folks who don't like Cyclers than people who don't like newbies to Apsense. Plus, I learned about you from another memeber's post that did NOT say scam.
Jan 28th 2011 12:24   
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