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College Textbooks: Why are they so expensive?

Summary: The high prices of college textbooks have been a continuous woe for students all around the world for many years. However, it is important to consider the reasons as to why to they are so expensive. After all, the high prices of the books are an impediment in the future of students, but a new-age solution to the problem can be found in the form of Touch Textbooks.

Its a hard job to tell these days if anything has been able to escape the clutches of inflation. Its tentacles have reached up to our college textbooks, which can easily be termed as the staple requirements of all college students. The situation is scary especially for those students who are studying thanks to scholarships or compensation grants. However, what can be the reasons behind the immense cost of these books? It is a fact known to all, that without books, no educational course can be undertaken. Still, the prices of the educational books are incredibly high, whereas, a novel with similar publishing quality is priced very low. The extreme rise in the prices of college textbooks urges us to explore the possible reasons:

The Situation of the Students

The students are at the receiving end of the textbooks price rise. They have no option but to purchase the books that have been recommended by the syllabus, or their professors. This is a factor exploited by the publishers. They are well aware of the trapped situation of the students and in a drive to make hay while the sun shines, they determine high prices for the college textbooks.

The Insensitivity of the Recommenders

Another factor that results in the high price of textbooks is that the people who recommend them or make them a part of the curriculum, are insensitive to the woes of the students. These are the professors and lecturers. They are just concerned about the latest knowledge being imparted to the students, for which they recommend high priced books to them. However, they do not realize that there are options like Touch Textbooks also open to them!

The Profit-Making tendency of the Publishers

The last factor to play a role in this immense price rise of college textbooks is that of the publishers. They are the ones who bask in the heat that emerges from the other two factors mentioned above. Other than making use of the students necessity, they also make sure that the students cannot prolong the use of the books. This is done by releasing the newer editions of the same books with minor changes and accompaniments like CDs. Since the urge is always to gain the latest information, the students cannot reuse the books used by other students and have to shed bucks to buy fresh editions.

However, this mighty problem finds a solution in the form of Touch Textbooks. It is a website that provides students with eBook versions of more that 3 million college books across 5000 subjects. By using Touch Textbooks, students are able to carry their college textbooks that would have otherwise amounted to a hefty amount, in their tablets or smart phones itself! After paying just a small initial registration fee, the students can download as many textbooks that they want from this website without any additional cost. This is certainly the kind of freedom every student can appreciate to avoid the clutches of inflation and high prices.

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