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by Bobby Cousins Ab and marketing expert
Learn exactly how to be successful online, get access to over 100 income streams, and over 200 places to advertise any business.
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  • Triple Money Back Guarantee
  • You are going to help save thousands of lives and will be helping to end poverty
  • Over 200 Places to advertise your business
  • Over 100 ways you can earn online and how to use them all FREE
  • You Can Join For Free If You Take Action Right Now
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Have you ever wondered how to make money online? Have you ever needed more traffic but had no idea how to get it? Have You ever wanted to be your own boss? Have you ever wanted to help those in need, those who have nothing? Have you ever wanted to know the secret to being successful in life?

The Poverty Fighters give you all of this and more! They donate $2 from each paying member to charity!

1. You Will Get 25,000 Free Leads Per Month If You Are One Of The First 50 To join Our Family. (Paying Members Only)

2. You Are going to get to customize your own business and help make it a even better opportunity!

3. You are Guaranteed at least 7 paid members or they will give you triple your money back! (Paying Members Only)

4. You Get To Learn How To Send Thousands Of Emails a day Free

5. You are going to learn how to automate your mailings

6. You are going to learn how to get over 1 million visitors to and site for FREE

7. You Are going to get over 100 more income streams that will pay you a residual income month after month.

8. You are going to get access to e-books that will teach you all about making money online! (Paying Members Only)

9. You are going to help sponsor people that are either homeless, jobless or someone in poverty into The Poverty Fighters!

10. You are going to learn how to teach others the skills they need to be their own boss!

11. You are going to be saving lives and helping to end poverty!

12. You are going to get access to a system that will allow you to send out over 10,000,000 e-mails a day spam free! (Paying Members Only)

13. You are going to get members placed under you. We will be advertising and we will rotate our member list so that all members will get new members through our efforts as well as their own efforts!

14. We will also help you build your business because we will advertise your business on our site!

15. You will get paid everyday!

16. You Will Earn $1,000,000 (Yes One Million Dollars) Per month for yourself and for charities once you reach the end of your level 1!

17. On top of the one site that will help you get over 1 Million Free visitors we are going to teach you how to get over 50,000 free visitors to any site in the next 90 days!!

18. You will get more than 100,000 Advertising Credits If You Take Action Right Now

19. If you have no money we will work with you to help you join the family with no money.

20. If you share this on Facebook, Twitter, Or Myspace, and become a follower of this blog you will be able to join our family FREE!

21. Our paying members are going to also receive over $1,000 of other gifts

22. You are going to get a free blog just like this one with your name in the level seven position.

23. You will learn how to create a website - (Paying members only)

24. You are going to get 7 Killer Strategies For Unlimited Traffic (E-Book)

25. You are going to get 201 Twitter Tools that will help you turn your Twitter Page into a money tree ( Paying Members Only)

26. You are going to learn the art of earning money! (Paying members Only)

27. You are going Get Advertising For Results, a 165 page ebook that teaches you all the best ways of advertising any business ( Paying members only)

28. You are going to get (Rich And Free) a 202 Page ebook Learn top skills, tips and strategies that will help you think for yourself and how to be a better Entrepreneur. (Paying members only)

29. You will get A brief guide to starting a home based business ebook (Paying members only)

30. You Will get Chartoasis: Book of market data tells about the kinds of market data and how to get them (Paying members only)

29. You will get A brief guide to starting a home based business ebook (Paying members only)

30. You Will get Chartoasis: Book of market data tells about the kinds of market data and how to get them (Paying members only)

31. You will get The ABC's Of Success Ebook (Paying members Only)

32. We are going to go to work for you, and we are going to build your team for you ( Note: paying members will always be put ahead of Free members)

33. You Are going to learn step by step how to be your own boss

34. You will be entered into a contest for a chance to win $200USD (Paying members only)

If you look at our pay plan you will see that the income potential is huge. The members start at level 7 and get paid all the way down to level one. The numbers are based on each member just getting 7 people which is guaranteed to every member.

Level 7 - $14

Level 6 - $98

Level 5 - $686

Level 4 - $4,802

Level 3- $33,614

Level 2 - $235,298

Level 1 $1,647,086

As you can see the income you are pretty much guaranteed is huge. And just think the more you earn the more lives you save.

If you join right now you can join The Poverty Fighters Home Business Free so go now

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Alan Mones Professional   Forex Trader, CPA, Networker
The payplan is very attractive. I hope it will work for all.

I wish you'd post a piece of your photo. It would build confidence and trust from reader like me.
Jan 17th 2011 01:29   
Bobby Cousins Innovator   Ab and marketing expert
"Every human being who reaches the age of understanding of the purpose of money wishes for it. Wishing will not bring riches. But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches, and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring riches." Napoleon Hill
Jan 17th 2011 09:38   
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