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by Steve OHehir Online Marketer
WE are reviewing OneX/QLxchange. Do You Have FIVE DOLLARS to earn thousands?... We are amazed that we are even reviewing a program that only cost $5, but it actually has amazing income potential.
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Review on CitizenCorps - Home Business Review

How can you make a lot of money for only $5? It's volume, volume, volume. $5 to earn $99,460 without even sponsoring a single person is a very simple choice. Who wouldn't do that? That is the best risk to reward you will ever find.

They use a 4 by 4 matrix with two stages and each stage has 4 tiers. This means there are 4 rows and 4 below each of those 4 a total of 16. Then 4 under each of those for a total of 64 and then 4 for each of those for a total of 256. When you enter you are placed on you sponsors 4 by 4 matrix. When the 4 positions below you are filled you make $20. On all the other tiers it is a 50/50 split with your sponsor so the second tier of 16 you make $80 and your sponsor gets $80 and so on. This goes 4 levels deep and then a second stage. When complete both stages your total income is $99,460 if you haven't sponsored anyone.

What happens if you sponsor people? Sponsor is a term that means refer other people into the program. Remember the 50/50 split with your sponsor, well that's what you would be getting. So for every person you sponsor when the get that $99,460 you earned a matching $99,440. That's for each person. So if you sponsor 9 people that complete the two stages for their $99,460 then you will have earned over a Million Dollars.

So now you have seen the concept and the income potential. With only a $5 entry cost the volume will definitely drive this opportunity into the high income bracket. So the big question is.. "Is it legitimate?"

Surprisingly they meet regulations that a lot of the higher cost programs don't meet. Number one there must be a product. Onex uses an online educational course in how to start a home business. When you pay the $5 you are purchasing the first lesson. When the money comes out of your commissions to move you into the next tier you always get another lesson. That is very significant. A lot of network marketing companies have a one time purchase product and you continuously cycle through matrices. In reality every time you enter a matrix you have to receive product. This is actually a regulatory compliance issue although violation of the alone does not seem to warrant any action. Still it is a big plus that Onex with their little $5 program adheres to regulations that others ignore.

All appearances are that Onex is a completely legitimate opportunity. Coupled with such a small financial risk we can't imagine any real problems with the regulatory agencies.

Don't forget OneX is a one time payment of five dollars, NO monthly fees, NO admin fees and you don't even have to sponsor anyone.

Nothing to lose here.

Steve OHehir

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and yes i have been paid with this program,only one week
if you have never made any money online you will here with onex
Jul 15th 2011 02:52   
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