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by Dewi Widjaja bussiness owner of Danira Hijab
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  • We care and can help expatriates and immigrants to become more successful in their personal and professional lives and enable them to send money home to their loved ones
  • Through our philanthropic efforts we make an immediate difference for struggling individuals, families and communities by focusing on improving nutrition, housing, health care and education
  • We promote entrepreneurship through the use of micro-financing and micro-credit to end the cycle of poverty that hundreds of millions of people from around the world are trapped in.
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How do I make money?
There are 3 ways

1. Every week Thursday, the overall profit-Asteria Club will be distributed to each member and more asterios earned more profit. You will receive up to 10% bonus every week depending on company profits.
2. By doing the sponsoring, you can register as

* Silver ($ 9.95 per month). If you sponsor a silver or gold would be to $ 4.50 per month.Eg, if you have 20 silver sponsor you will be $ 90 per month in addition to the above weekly benefits.
* Gold ($ 19.95 per month). If you can sponsor silver and gold $ 4.50 per month to $ 9.00 per month.Eg, if you sponsor 10 silver and 10 gold downline, then you will get $ 45 + $ 90 = $ 135 per month
* As Gold and is also seeking a Director of Network Capital once as low as $ 1000 and up to 30% of group profits under you (no limit / limit - unlimited deeps)

Here is another example.
If your Gold is Network Director

10 gold sponsor member, you can be $ 90 per month
Sponsor 50 gold member, you can be $ 450 per month
Sponsor 100 gold member, you get $ 900 a month
Any purchase by downline, you get 10%, including Group of up to 30% monthly bonus. This does not include the weekly bonus!

Did you see the potential of this business?
Please see video marketing (business plan dlm BI) here (if there is no video, please use google chrome)

Note: The weekly bonus of up to 10% do not remain dependent on the profits of the partnership profits. Club Asteria non-investment program and not a get rich quick scheme. A total of wherever you join this program, the maximum acceptable unless you are still subject to active sponsor either a silver, gold or Network Director.

How to get the bonus week without a sponsor?
Each week you will be up to 10% bonus of your asterios. From 10% earlier, 80% will be automatically returned as asterios (retained) and 20% are eligible to be issued.

For example if you have accumulated 1000 asterios weekly bonus of 10%

Week # 1: You earn 10% or 100 asterios weekly bonus. Of the 100 asterios, 80% (80 asterios) will be restored and added to the existing number of asterios. So the total current is 1080 asterios asterios and 20% from 100 asterios ($ 20) is eligible to be issued.

Week # 2: You may get a weekly bonus of 10% or 108 asterios. 80% (86.4 asterios) will be restored to the total current asterios 1166.4 asterios and 20% from 108 asterios ($ 6.21) is eligible to be issued.

This process will repeat every week until the maximum amount you Asterios 20.000 and you are eligible for weekly bonuses that may be issued for $ 400 (rm1320) or RM5, 280 per month. You will continue to receive $ 400 per week depending on the percentage of the weekly profit and so the company continues to exist or are subject to change.

Warning: The above examples illustrate only acceptable if the percentage is 10% weekly.

You can get more than $ 400 a week if you are an active sponsor or as a Network Director (the bonus) and reach thousands of dollars of income, or 5 digits (usd) per month.

Please download under the Income Calculator (Excel spreadsheet file)
(Download EXCEL spreadsheet - INCOME CALCULATOR)
Latest promotion from 1st August 2010

Campaign-Asteria Club starting August 1, 2010
-Asteria Club is providing the following special promotion

You can add or buy Asterios to get more profits and speed up reaching $ 400 a week bonus

Within 14 days after you become a member of the free (non-upgrade), you can buy at least 250 asterios asterios ($ 250) and are eligible for a 100% matching bonus. Means you will be 500 asterios the cost of only $ 250. If you buy 500 asterios with a value of $ 500 there will be 1000 and beyond asterios

Warning: This is optional and you must not / need to buy additional asterios for this business.

But if you buy asterios after 14 days, please see the table below.
500 + = 50% matching bonus
1000 + = 75% matching bonus (ND1)
3000 + 100% matching bonus (ND2)

Note: If you are interested in doing business with a serious, we recommend that you become sekurang2nya Network Director (ND1) for you to qualify for the bonus group from under you so ahli2 unlimited (unlimited deeps) but can not exceed the percentage gains following
Values in parentheses are the capital investment.
Director Network 1 ($ 1,000) - up to 5% (Download ND1.xls)
Network Director 2 ($ 3,000) - up to 10% (Download ND2.xls)
Network Director 3 ($ 5,000) - up to 15% (Download ND3.xls)
Network Director 4 ($ 7,500) - up to 20% (Download ND4.xls)
Network Director 5 ($ 9,500) - up to 30% (Download ND5.xls)

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