by Bridgette Porter Affiliate Marketer
Hi, This is bridgette Im writing to you because I just came across a business that I think has great potential. It lets you make money from everything from home loans to insurance to vitamins!
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joined allsolutions only because a good friend showed it to me..

I basically joined to humuor him....I didn't even take the time to read the welcome e-mail...

I simply copied and pasted a part of the free website and sent it out to a safelist.

Next morning I had 4 signups...Then I sent e-mail to my friend saying Well signed up 4 members for your program last night.. whatever that means ?

I then went back to the welcome e-mail to have a look to see just exactly what I was involved in... because I really had no clue

I took the time to read everything... and I seen huge potential So I immediately dropped everything else and totally focused on allsolutions...

Sure I was making money with other things..but allsolutions will make me rich !

I joined allsolutionsnetwork Just over 3 weeks ago My downline has exploded to 3750 plus members through 10 Levels

I just received my 1st commission last night... $118.35

Plus, I believe I may have reached 3rd bonus level..So I have more money coming

Not bad considering it was payment for the last 2 weeks of last month... And a lot of people just joined within those 2 weeks...

including me-- Over 2200 people joined my downline in first 9 days of this month....

Next month's commissions will be awesome !

My downline is growing by leaps and bounds...

And this can happen too for anyone... Just give away the free website.. Put it in the right hands and look out

Just so you know..I'm no guru...I have no list to mail too I don't know how to create websites..I don't have autoresponders..I don't spam. Many members are way better internet marketer's than I am or ever will be

I simply made up an e-mail and post everyday to safelists Plus I use traffic exchanges.

Get active and start building a huge downline... it's the easiest thing I have ever done..Just give away your website..Couldn't be any easier !

Everyone reading this please understand you are right in the beginning of something very special....

You can make $5000 month...All it takes it a little belief in yourself that you can do it.. You're not selling anything or asking anyone to spend money on anything that they wouldn't already be buying or thinking of buying.

You are simply giving away a free website that will change lives !

I show it to everyone...If they see the potential..fantastic..if not..their loss not mine !"

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Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
ASN is since a few years expanding, developing and offering the most valuable solution for a business on the net. Do not let it pass you by.
Nov 26th 2010 15:21   
Bridgette Porter Advanced   Affiliate Marketer
Nov 26th 2010 16:59   
Jason Melancon Innovator   Web Designer
Good service, though the main site could be better organized.
Nov 26th 2010 18:36   
Bridgette Porter Advanced   Affiliate Marketer
so true jason but we gonna get rich! yeah!
Nov 27th 2010 01:28   
Ivy Rife Freshman  
i'm a member og ASN : )
Jul 2nd 2011 02:28   
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