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by Paula van Dun Retired
Adzly is totally changing the way people advertise and once you see what they are doing, you will understand what I am talking about.
Recommended Features
  • Choose between free or upgraded membership
  • Integrated in the popular social network IMFaceplate
  • Create free widgets for several niches to earn credits
  • Free members can create 5 ads
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Review on Adzly ads from IMfaceplate

Adzly is an incredibly powerful ad server that will allow everyone to tap into its massive network of publishers all around the world ... and do it for F.REE!

But unlike complex ad platforms that only a techie can figure out, adzly is so dead simple that anyone can use it to generate tens of thousands of ad impressions per day ... or even more!

Does this sound like a ridiculous number?

Well, when you see how adzly is setup, you won't think this is so crazy.

You see, due to its incredible simplicity, adzly can be used by anyone and completely setup within just a few short minutes. This immediately puts the power of adzly into the hands of everyone!

So, how do you get your ads shown thousands of times for F.REE?

The entire process is really simple. Using the adzly interface, you create a little "widget" that you can then drop into any existing website or any other place online that gets traffic.

Putting your "widget" online is also a very simple procedure and you can realistically be up and running in just a few short minutes.

But it doesn't stop there ... in fact, we are just getting started here!

Every adzly widget you place online will display three ads from the adzly network each time it loads. These ads can be image ads, text ads, or auto-generated clickbank ads like you currently have displaying on your faceplate right now.

And every time one of your adzly widgets loads, you will earn credits which you can then use to have your own ads displayed in other people's widgets.

But there is still a LOT more to this story!

You see, everyone you refer to adzly makes up part of your "adstream". You will then also earn credits for EVERY widget that THEY place online as well!

So now you can see the huge potential and how you can earn a lot of ad impressions.

BUT we're still not done ... because your adstream actually goes down another level!

This means that ALL the new members your referrals bring in will also be a part of your adstream! And EVERY widget they place online will earn you credits as well!

PLUS ... every widget you place online is also branded with YOUR adzly referral link so you also benefit by promoting adzly at the same time ... and we just showed you how powerful it is to build up your adstream!

So, by placing your widget in as many places as possible, you will not only be earning credits to get your own ads shown, but you will also be building your adstream at the same time which will in turn increase your earning power exponentially!

And it will be easy to attract new people to adzly, because people who see your widget will want to join so they too can tap into this massive ad network!

PLUS, you can also earn commissions from any member you refer that makes a purchase in adzly (such as upgrading their account or purchasing ad impressions).

But even if they choose to use adzly for free, you will still get the FULL benefit of having them in your adstream!

Now, you are probably very excited about this and you should be ... because adzly is about to bring a ton of exposure to your offers and it just launched today (24-11-2010)!

But there is still one more thing that will simply push your excitement level over the top ... the integration with IM faceplate!

Obviously you can already see the huge viral power of this program and it will absolutely take off ...

But when you add this viral power to the incredible viral growth of IM faceplate, what you have is an unstoppable monster!

With almost 10,000 faceplates created already, and nearly 9,000 articles published, adzly already has an incredible platform

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Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Tonight I was very tired and copied and pasted a lot. Will write personal experience later when i used it for a while
Nov 23rd 2010 18:36   
Gerald Lutcavich Advanced  Affiliate
I don't know anthing about widget's. Or where to place them.
Nov 23rd 2010 19:57   
Chad Flick Committed   Internet Marketer
Just got my account today... I'm really excited to participate in the launch!
Nov 24th 2010 00:58   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
With a widget you can show stuff that is on an other site; it is a kind of i-frame. This can be anything: the weather forecast, ads, members like the one from apsense.. For example you can put the widgets on your website or on your blog.
Nov 24th 2010 04:37   
Vps Malhotra Magnate II   Free Lancer
I just got my account in ADZLY and IMfaceplate it is great to test before up grading to promote Apsense and others lets see
Nov 26th 2010 22:21   
Kevin H. Advanced  Internet Marketing
Widgets can be useful and profitable is used in the right place. Some widgets are so difficult to working properly, but since adzly has solved that issue for many people it won't be a problem.
Nov 29th 2010 16:03   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
What i like about the adzly widget is that you can choose to create one for several niches and/or categories so that they show relevant ads for your blog or site what of course is good for conversion
Nov 29th 2010 17:11   
Kay Collier Freshman   Internet Marketer
I'd like to learn what to do with widgets!
Dec 29th 2010 22:25   
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