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4x1Fortune is one business containing 4 matrix compensations. Each level represents a 2x2 matrix with various cycle commissions and matching bonuses. Commissions are earned when a CYCLE is completed.
Recommended Features
  • The 4x1Fortune system provides automatic re-entries
  • AND automatic upgrades to higher level matrixes
  • Our powerful system allows you to cycle unlimited times in all 4 matrices
  • You join our program for only $11.00
  • And you're entered into the Bronze Level Matrix. Everyone starts at the Bronze Level.
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How it Works

You join our program for only $11.00, and you're entered into the Bronze Level Matrix. Everyone starts at the Bronze Level. At NO additional out-of-pocket costs, you can CYCLE into the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Level matrixes. That's the beauty of our AUTOMATIC upgrade system. Each matrix level pays a higher commission. You'll earn $30 to $550 per CYCLE plus a Matching Bonus on personal referral cycles. Brilliant!!


Bronze Level - $11 Entry, pays $30 per cycle and $11 Matching Bonus

Silver Level - $40 Entry, pays $110 per cycle and $40 Matching Bonus

Gold Level - $100 Entry, pays $275 per cycle and $100 Matching Bonus

Platinum Level - $200 Entry, pays $550 per cycle and $200 Matching Bonus

We pay on your First cycle to put CASH in your pockets. Your second cycle commission is used to fund your placement into the Next Higher Level. This process continues until you reach The Platinum Level. After the Platinum Level cycle, you'll have 4 matrixes that cycle automatically. It's a chain reaction. You can continue cycling in each matrix level FOREVER.

Remember, the Second Cycle of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level upgrades you to the NEXT higher matrix. It covers the entry cost. Therefore, you'll be automatically entered in each matrix at ZERO out-of-pocket cost. You get PAID on each cycle EXCEPT the second cycle.

Every Fourth Cycle commission of ALL matrix levels will be withheld and used to fund payouts. Fourth Cycle commissions are used to offset the "overloaded" payouts and matching bonuses. Our system is designed to pay you MORE in upfront commissions.

If you do the math, you'll agree we have an "overloaded" commission payout system. No company in this industry pays that HIGH on a matrix. Unlike most, we pay on all 6 matrix positions.

NOTE: On the Platinum Level only, the second and every fourth cycle commissions are used to fund and offset payouts. In essence, you'll get PAID on each matrix level EXCEPT the second and every fourth cycles. You can earn matching bonuses on each CYCLE of your personally sponsored members. Matching Bonuses are paid on each cycle EXCEPT their second and every fourth cycles.

You have to put forth some effort to start earning income. Just promote 4x1Fortune or refer a few friends. You'll earn money as soon as you complete your matrix or they complete their matrix.

There's a possibility you'll get spillover from your upline, spillunder from those you bring in, etc. Yet you should NOT wait for this to happen. Remember those Huge Matching Bonuses for personal sponsoring. Get busy and the rewards will be staggering.

Use the PIF (Pay-It-Forward) principle. Benefactor 3 members for just $33, and teach them to do the same. Your incomes will explode beyond your wildest dreams. That's the benefit of helping others achieve financial success.
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