1000 Ways To Make Money

by Mohann Krish
<b style="background-color:pink;color:blue;font-size:16px;">"1000 Ways to Make Money" is a book written by Rob Rednalab, CEO of FSBO Services based on live examples. </b>
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Review on 1000 Ways To Make Money

Why 1,000 ways to make money?! There well may be a million ways. What is important is not how to make money but how to turn an idea into money. It has always been an idea - crazy to many a people - that converted an opportunity into money.
About the Book
"1000 Ways to Make Money" is not the usual kind of get-rich-quick book full of tips, tricks or techniques. It does not ask you to adopt any of those internet business ideas that can go so much virally wrong and become gullible to scams and frauds.
It is about live examples and personal experiences of people who observed the happenings around them and used their ideas to find money making opportunities for success. The author, Rob Rednalab, painstakingly carries us on his journey of recording the lives of a 1,000 ordinary people who seized an opportunity where none seemed to exist before.

An Example Idea
374. The reason why pizza is so popular in America is because of home delivery. I know people who aren't even particularly fond of pizza, but who order it anyway because they don't have any food in the house and because they don't want to go out. Here's a way to take advantage of that tendency. Offer a service that turns EVERY restaurant in your area into a "home delivery" restaurant. By offering a flat fee of say, $5 or $10, to home-deliver items from any restaurant, you will be absolutely SWAMPED on the weekends. I know a guy who does this JUST for the local "Outback" restaurant, and he gets 15-20 orders a night on Friday and Saturday. And since he only delivers to homes with about a 5 mile radius, he doesn't waste much time. This would also be the kind of business where you could actually hire a couple of drivers on-the-cheap, and expand the business tremendously.(The number 374 refers to one of the 1000 ways to make money and is listed so in the book.)The best part about this compilation of money-making ideas is the ability for you to see opportunities from 1,000 different perspectives and get your own creative juices flowing.Even if I were to think of 20 new money-making ideas every year, this collection represents 50 years worth of ideas!Once you've experienced 1,000 unique and unusual money-making ideas... in every field of human endeavor... your brain is going to burst with new possibilities.

About the AuthorThe author, Rob Rednalab is the CEO of FSBO Services. He is the webmaster of 'How-to-Make-Money.Com' site.Long ago, he had heard Warren Buffett mention a book that had been his favorite as a boy. It was called "One Thousand Ways to Make Money".
After months of searching, he finally got his hands on a copy! It was brilliant, but dated!But then he thought, wouldn't it be great to have a MODERN version of this book?! So he spent the next several months compiling all the money-making ideas and schemes and techniques that he had ever heard of, as well as all the money-making ideas that OTHER PEOPLE had ever heard of.
The end result is this totally up-to-date version of "A Thousand Ways to Make Money".

"If you're looking for some unusual but genuine money making tips... look no further! Rob Rednalab's '1000 Ways To Make Money' is chock full of smart ways to turn a buck. ... these stories are funny, touching and original. Some will make you laugh, some will gross you out, some will give you the creeps and some will inspire you. Most importantly though, they will ALL make you money if you give them a try. So go for it!"
Amanda Noz
Gem Pier Consulting

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Gillian G. Committed   INTERNET MARKETER
Sounds very interested, glad to know that there is no get rich schemes in there.
Jun 3rd 2011 16:40   
Mohann Krish Advanced   
Yes, Cherry. This guy has done a lot of research to write in detail about the 1000 ways people found out to make money. It is not the usual stuff like listing 1000 methods one of which may be as weird as asking to show your URL on a tattoo shown on a clean-shave head!
Jun 3rd 2011 23:27   
Sara Elahi Advanced   Commission Shops
thanks Mohann interesting and refreshing/diffferebt to read
Jun 4th 2011 06:28   
Tolulope Babatunde Senior   HCD Consultant
this is indeed a phenomenon if you're not thinking of reading them you may have to do a rethink
Jun 4th 2011 07:08   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Sounds interesting. Even more interesting would be an e-book: 1000 ways to loose money, exposing scams and expensive services tat have no real value (except for the owners).
Jun 4th 2011 20:32   
Mohann Krish Advanced   
Paula, the apt title would be a million ways to lose money. LOL
Jun 5th 2011 04:06   
Mattie Williams Advanced   Affiliate Marketing And Design
This sounds like some very informative and beneficial information.
Jun 13th 2011 08:14   
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