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Why DRZ Nature's Rescue Gel ?

We DO NOT add any synthetics ingredients including fragrances, suspicious hazards ingredients like Camphor & Methyl Salicylates and harmful preservative like DEA to our DRZ Nature's Rescue Gel. While other product are loaded with synthetics ingredients, preservatives, and artificial of what so ever, just to make them look good, we have managed to make DRZ Nature's Rescue Gel great using only 100% natural and skin’s health promoting ingredients. Therefore you do not experience any skin discomfort / skin damage for long term usage.

FREE !! Nutrition & Exercise Booklet with every box of DRz Nature’s Rescue Gel

A booklet based on scientific research on good nutrition and effective fat burning method exercise. Its full of tips regarding how to get a great healthy & booty-licious body, scientific-proven way.
Its will uncover the truth behind weight loss science as being describe in “Cecil Texbook of Medicine (1968): an elevated in the level of INSULIN is a prominent different can be seen between a healthy and OBESE individual. Because Insulin will STOP and interfere the body from using our storage FAT as main energy source. Because of this many people who DIETING are still struggling to lose weight consistently”.
So, isn’t it great if we all lose weight easily thru eating correctly? Without extreme dieting. Get to know a list of great & tasty food that didn’t break havoc our insulin level and start living your dream body, easily yet safely. Everything you wish to know is in this booklet. Explore Freely..after all, its free ‘hidden knowledge’ for you…

DRz Nature’s Rescue Gel & DRz Night Rejuvenation Oils Active Ingredients;

1) A mixture of 6 high quality 100% pure essential oils ( capsicum, thymol, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium & nutmeg ) This international class formulation is so broad in its function to give you a value-for-money product. Because its made from pure essential oils, the quality it possess is so amazing and surpass international standard. Numerous scientific research proved that essential oils can bring natural wonder to human. DRz Nature’s Rescue Gel & Night Rejuvenation Oils is a multi-purpose products and possess a benefits like; THERMOGENIC, ANTIDEPRESSANT, ANTIFUNGAL, ANTIBIOTIC, ANTISEPTIC, ANTIVIRAL, ANTIBACTERIAL, DECONGESTANT, DIURETIC, FUNGICIDE, and STIMULANT.

2) A mixture of 2 high quality 100% pure vegetable oils ( grape seed and sweet almond oils ) This wonderful yet full of beneficial oils is so light that its just quickly absorb into your skin and immediately feeling soft to touch. This vegetable oils is scientifically acclaim as nearly mimic our skin’s natural oil and proven to moisture our dehydrated skin so deeply. Scientific have shown that our skin seems old because of as we age, our body and skin becomes dehydrated and skin is less moisture from day to day. Now, DRz Night Rejuvenation is here to bring wonders and relief to your old and dehydrated skin. Now everyone can look and have a younger skin once again, naturally.