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A virtual world. A virtual business. A real experience

Do you want to start up a business without risks?
Do you want to develop your entrepreneurial skills?
Now you have an on-line economic simulator that comes with the solution for you and your business’ development.ProEconomica offers you a virtual world.You open your virtual business and, in exchange, you get real experience!
Even more - you can be the one that helps your virtual country to become a world leader in the economic sphere!
Use the "Copy link" button from the "Invite" menu and send the link to your friends. You can create a nation with several generations. You can place the link on various sites, social networks, Skype, Yahoo, etc. in order to determine more people to follow the link and register. Click "View all invitations" to view all the categories of invited users.
1 BONUS: 1 Invited+ 1 Level= 10 Real Eurocent
Those who will register - will make part of the first category. People invited by those invited by you - will form the following categories, you will benefit on their regard, even if you haven’t invited them personally.
- You receive Euro for each level reached by users.
Proeconomica converts your friendships in reaches!