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I am looking to build a team with like-minded individuals of personal development. I have taken the first step to improving my financial and personal fulfillment by partnering with a company called Quanta. Created by Jim Lutes & Jim Britt, launched in January of 2014. To be honest, I am not a fan of Network Marketing but if Jim & Jim's knowledge and mentor-ship through Quanta can help me become more...while earning more... enjoy my life more...and build confidence which has been holding me back.... Than I am 100% committed!

To be clear I am not looking to build numbers..I am looking to build a team. It takes as long as it is going to take. I am sick of sitting on the sidelines while everyone else fulfills their lives. I need a positive change in my life Today! Do you?

I am looking for people who are willing to invest in themselves and work.

I will post updates of my journey with Quanta weekly.

If your interested or would just like more information without joining group Add me as a contact here on Apsense.