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There's a bunch of software around. But the most important point is to find appropriate piece for use just when you need it.

I opened this group exactly with that reason. I'll present some software I use (or my friends reccommended), hope that you'll do the same.

Only one limitation here:

The software must be Free (GNU/GPL), Open source or Creative Commons licensed, so everybody can use it.

So, after some time I expected that this group will be the useful resource of free and open source software for apsense members.

UPDATE - 05.07.2008

After some researches, found some useful web services which could be presented here, also. To present web service here, you must follow just one rule: It must be free for use (It can have paid versions, but the basic membership, or usage, must be free!

UPDATE - 16.08.2012

Web services moved to the Crazy World Of Widgets APsense group.