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Penis Enlarger Devices
In the last decade we have observed the raise of penis enlarger devices based on the principle of traction. This scientific foundation, used widely in modern medicine for bones and tissues, is now successfully applied to the penis. The technique consists of stretching the shaft of the penis for an extended period of time applying a progressive traction force, thus causing new cells to grow, which consequentially causes the entire penis to grow in length as well as in girth, in erected and flaccid state. The gained results are permanent.
Andropeyronie – medical extender device for penile curvatures
For treating medical conditions of curved penis and Peyronie’s disease Andromedical laboratories have created Andropeyronie penis extender which is confirmed to correct the curvature up to 40% and lengthen penis. The set includes the device, components for more comfort and protection of the penis and all the guaranties and certifications..
E.D. Treatments and Help
Erectile dysfunction can be helped with some male enhancement methods, physically with a penis vacuum pump or chemically by taking drugs and medicines.
Penis vacuum pumps:
The main tool to help patients with erectile dysfunction is a penis pump also called a vacuum pump. Although this device does not treat the symptoms, it helps a man reach a firm erection to conduct sexual intercourse by drawing blood into the penis and retaining it there by squeezing the base of the penis with a ring and thus preventing it to flow back into the body.
There is a huge difference in quality between the cheap vacuum pumps you can buy in the sex shops and are meant more as a gadget to make sexual life more fun, and proper medical penis pumps intended for helping erectile dysfunction patients in a professional way.