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Welcome to the Internet Crime Fighters Organization

As a prelude to the Internet Crime Fighters Organization, the Stay Safe and Safety Net Blogs recognized the need for greater coverage of Internet Crime. Internet Crime typically includes both on and offline activities, and whether it be a scam or a threat; it is easier and more rapidly spread via the Internet and social media sites.

What is the Internet Crime Fighters Organization?

The Internet Crime Fighters Organization is a members only site and free to join

Supported by sponsors, donations and sales

Members help create greater public awareness through sharing of information, links and such, inviting their friend to join us, repeat the process, strength in numbers

Why Internet Crime Fighters Organization?

Combating crime on or offline is best brought about by creating awareness of ones surrounding, learning what risks exist and what steps to help offset those risks

Sharing that knowledge with others

The primary goal of the Internet Crime Fighters Organization is to increase public and member awareness of Internet Crime, Cybercrime, Cyberwarfare, Security Threats, Cyber Threats, Financial Threats, Scams, Fraud...

Internet Crime is increasing spread through social networking

As organized crime moves online, Internet Crime may:
Arguably have more victims
Become a larger world problem
Become more expensive to control than offline crime

Internet Crime Fighters – Security Threats

How the internet platform and social media are used to spread threats, viruses, malware, through computer systems, networks, and mobile devices

It is a monumental task, but every new member that share the objectives increase public awareness of Internet Crime

What are the Internet Crime – Security Threats?
What is denial of service attack?
What are viruses?
What is malware?
How to keep my computers and devices from such threats?
Join us as a member of the Internet Crime Fighters Organization, share and invite your friends

Internet Crime Fighters – Scams, Spam and Fraud

Learning how to recognize and avoid scams and fraud online are no longer enough:

Protecting your children online, is not enough, because that school yard bully will likely become another cyberbully.

Offline peer pressure becomes online peer pressure

Be careful that email from a long lost friend is probably a link to a virus or malware to either disable your internet device or perhaps steal your identity, password, etc by recording your keystrokes

Offline crimes have become online crimes while other offline crimes such as rape, murder, suicide may be aided by the internet connection

Imposters present themselves as your bankers, friends, and even the FBI

That pretty girl online just wants your money in return for love, pictures, cams, etc.

So does that male that seems to be interested in your love and wants marriage, but needs airfare; the dating scams

Join us as a member of the Internet Crime Fighters Organization, share and invite your friends

The idea of The Internet Crime Fighters Organization was born to carry out the new goals of Increasing Internet crime / Cybercrime Awareness – One Member at a Time

The Internet Crime Fighters Organization is her to inform and to help protect you, your family and business from Internet Crime