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We are the B.S. Networkers who refuse to be bound or give in to the vicarious inhibitions of the masses.

WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS, completely love and thrive off destroying
misconceptions and we don't take kindly to the trash talk of others.

We are the virtuosity of internet commerce who determine the cutting
edge of business social networking to however we choose it to be...we
will not be disputed at any juncture nor will we take any of your crap.

TO DOUBT OR EVEN DARE QUESTION OUR AUTHORITY IS PURE MALEVOLENCE and sure to doom you to an eternity in he**!

We encourage all to come see what we are about, we dare you to challenge
our SHEER DEVOUTNESS to ALL that we Love and to OPEN YOUR MIND to the
incessant perpetual possibilities we can and will achieve in our
magnificent entirety..

==============Group Requirements!================

All members must be able to publicly demonstrate the ability to laugh at one's self.

You must also possess a keen understanding of the human body's autonomic
nervous system, have the ability to hop 1.8 miles on their right leg in
15 seconds or less, are required to have been born with the mark of
Orion the hunter 2 inches in diameter and perfectly centered over their
sternal notch, and understand that much like the vast majority of
internet get rich schemes the previous three requirements I have listed
are either not very plausible or even possible... Real conversations can
occur, BS is debunked here.