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Let's Blog about ~ Life in General ~

I read an earlier Blog and I can't recall who it was here at APSense...

(I'll try and find it again) and they'd written about a group of bloggers

who shared a common interest...politics ... but they also blogged

about many other things.

I would imagine that is taking place here also but I see mostly what

a few of my friends post and an occasional different topic about life...

So that is what I'm hoping will be blogged about here. I'll try and blog about

~ life in general ~ which all who know me is really a challenge!

The swallows have returned. They were back before warm springtime welcomed them.

For the first time in a couple of years a pair of swallows are nesting in the birdhouse up above my porch. I noticed them the same morning I was having to take my sixteen year old cat to the vet because she needed to be put down due to cancer. It was calming and the circle of life came to mind.