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APSenseTraffix Group

All about APSenseTraffix
You will Be able to Ask Questions.
Get Answers to your Questions. Get Fist Hand notification of Contests You can Give folks advice on what works for you

APSenseTraffix Facts :
If your web site Breaks Frames your site will not be approved.
If your website slows down the surf  you site will be removed.
You can Not promote APSense Rev page's, Blogs, Profile or Groups. 
But you can promote your APSense ABC Site. 
You do not need to promote your APSense referral link ( why would you anyway all members Of APSenseTraffix are already members of Apsense and ApsenseTraffix)

Other Facts :

If you have a website or blog and your advertising AdSense ads on them AdSense will delete your AdSense account. because it is against  there TOS.