APSense Network

About APSense Network

This group is for ALL Apsense users! GOT questions, comments feedbacks?

Please feel free to discuss anything APSense related in this


Basic Rules for this Group:

- No Advertisements, URLs, or invitations to join you in

anything in subject or comments

- No Spamming Posts

- No foul language, we are all professionals here.

All members have a signature file they can activate in their profile. This

signature file is added to all posts automatically.

This file can contain your name and a live url, plus text.

When posting a new post or a comment in reply to a post the only urls

allowed in the post are below the Signature line, which is defined by a

dotted line that is automatically added to the post or comment by the


The only exception to this rule is if when answering a question you need

to send the person to the FAQ, How It Works, etc pages.

You cannot send them to your Blog, Group, or a website neither by

invitation nor by posting a url leading to them as an answer to their


Violations of any of these rules may result in removal from the group

or even termination of your APSense account.