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"The Health Benefits Of Acai Berry And The Amazing Business Of Wela : Combined!"
What is Acai Berry?
Acai Berry is a precious plant harvested in Amazon rain forests, of Northern Brazil, and as such was unknown to the west, and hence the rest of the planet till a few years back.  Native South Americans have been harvesting them for thousands of years, but scientific research and its publications, followed by worldwide advertisement, on TV, radio and internet etc. has given Acai berry its nutritional facelift for only the past few years.

Some of its Health Benefits :-

     * Prolongs your life

    * Increases your energy

    * Increases your Strength

    * Helps you maintain Blood Pressure.

    * Strengths your Immune System.

    * Improves disease Resistance

    * Helps with chronic dry cough

    * Improves memory

    * Weight ?Loss
What Is Wela Powerline?
As per the dictionary WELA means, wealth, in archaic English.  And to put it frankly, that is what the company is all about.

From their unique plan, to their amazing marketing system, coupled with a matchless product, Wela is creating wealth for thousands of independent distributers, many of whom have not seen such success before.  It was founded in 2009 by a group of experienced internet entrepreneurs who came together to create a company that would truly provide a way to INCREASE it's members wealth.  As per the site WELA's Management Team is headed by co-founders John Penny, Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Burgard, Chief Marketing Officer and Mark Gullett, Chief Technical Officer.

How Much Can I Earn With Wela ?
Important question isn't it.
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