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I am disabled and got myself into a booming business with wellness products. I want to make something of it. A few words from the founder:

A great opportunity for more freedom and independence.

“I have a dream,“ were the famous words of Martin Luther King. However, don‘t all of us have our own dreams and visions? I, too, started over 14 years ago with a vision and I was filled with dreams that demanded to be fulfilled. The first step on the way towards this goal was the company PM Cosmetics in 1993, which turned into PM-International GmbH only one year later and which evolved into today’s PM-International AG. It was the beginning of a success story which was marked by a truly breathtaking development for more than ten years. Today, I am inviting you to also make your dreams come true. Dreams, which are all too often shattered by limited financial resources. PM-International offers you the key to financial freedom and personal independence. No matter whether you are thinking about a second income or your own business, with PM-International you are taking advantage of the opportunities in one of the fastest growing markets of the 21st century.

Rolf Sorg Founder and CEO of PM-International AG

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Source: PM-International AG