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Hey all, am pretty new here, and have been browsing the groups
just looking to see what's on here. I noticed there were no groups
about VOIP to be found here. So I thought I would start one since I
have been using it for a good number of years.

Just for those who might not know what VOIP stands for. It's Voice
Over Internet Protocol. Allows you to use your internet connection
to make phone calls. I have in-laws in Australia, and a daughter in Germany. So I had to find a way to cut that expense down a bit. I researched about 30 before I chose the one I am using now. I log about 1500 minutes a month to these 2 countries. And I only found one that had a plan that included overseas. Most just have the Usa and Canada, with sort of low rates abroad.

The VOIP company I use is BroadVoice and here is a link to my affiliate page. If your new to VOIP or looking to save some money take a look. Enhanced 911 available, but if you live in BFE like I do, local numbers aren't available yet. But they weren't available with Vonage either.

Lets make a group where all can give everyone good info on this subject so anyone can find the right program that fits there needs.


Jerry Harsh