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Imagine having more free time for yourself and the family.. imagine more money, now imagine your own business that you control on your own website. How's that opportunity sound? You're definately in the right place, at the right time!!

YTB (your travel biz) is a company that offers an opportunity to create an online home-based travel agency business to individuals. My company is called "Travel King." With this business as a Referring Travel Agent, I simply promote my website for people to book their travel by advertising in my own unique way. I earn a 60% commission every time someone books on my site. As a Representative, I share with people the business opportunity and benefits YTB has to offer, and support those who are interested in starting their own business with YTB. Each person that joins, I get a commission, with the potential of receiving a bonus every so many people I help join. For a video presentation see: and click on YTB Presentation

With YTB you get the benefits of:
-having your own home based business(you don't even have to quit your real job!!)
-writing off "business related" purchases on your tax return (gas, cars, cell phone, lunch with clients, vacation trips for you to become familiar with so you can tell your customers your experience, the list goes on!!)
-Travel Agent discounts!
- your own Travel Website!! see mine for example (just as good, maybe better than or
-$bonus opportunities
-your own Back Office website, where you have everything you need for training, a tracker for all your clients and your team, your tool box, and more!
-a compensation plan you can't beat (you make money 2 ways, either booking travel on your website (60% of commission), or helping others join YTB (potential bonuses)!
-and just so much more!!!

You too can join YTB and have your very own online Travel Agency business and all of these wonderful benefits from the comfort of where ever you choose!! It's really just TOO EASY.

If you haven't joined YTB yet, NOW is the Perfect time!!!
go to and click on JOIN NOW!!
or if you have anymore questions at all.. just send me a message.

For those of you who already with YTB, welcome.. this is also a place where you can post bullentins concerning YTB updates, conference calls, or events, pretty much anything going on with the business feel free to post anything you'd like to conversate about!!!