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iMusti.com was born out of a conviction that a society’s greatest asset is its culture. It is the centerpiece of both tradition and innovation and thus should be celebrated in its many forms.

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Get updated with the latest news from iMusti.com.

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The iMusti Radio allows users to listen to the favorite songs on Radio on air. This is advance featured Radio that you can access on site and also can download the Radio app for iOS and Android.

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The iMusti.com app allows users to access one of the largest collections of Indian music, books, videos, radio online. The apps are for both Android and iOS devices.

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iMusti.com have collection of over 7000 various artists including actor, actress, singer, director, producer, composer, lyricist, writers and many more.

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iMusti.com have a vast collection of books in several categories like autobiography, children books, comedy, cookery, culture, devotional and many more. Also provides facility of eBook reading on site.

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iMusti.com provides Indian traditional, regional, Bollywood, devotional videos to the end users with live streaming.

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iMusti.com provides Indian traditional, regional and Bollywood music to the end users with live streaming and features to purchase from the website.

iMusti: Collection of Digital Indian Music, Books & Videos

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iMusti.com is a premier social entertainment platform for Indian cultural enthusiasts. With a vast and ever-expanding collection of Music, Videos, and Literature, iMusti has something for each type of Indian art lover.