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hair styling tips know your hair type

Getting to know your hair can prevent you from wreaking havoc on innocent strands. So, before you choose up a heating tool or brush, learn to differentiate your hair type. Hair typically falls under two categories: Fine and thick.

Start with an honest haircut
hair styling tips get a haircut

Regular haircuts aren't only for removing dead ends — they will also make your hair appear thicker and filled with life. an honest haircut also provides an honest foundation for executing any hairstyle you desire.

Have flat hair that would use a touch more bounce? "Try face-framing layers and short, soft layers to spice up volume," says Jenny Cho, Suave Professionals celebrity stylist.

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Choose hair products supported hair thickness
best hair products for your best hair even shampoos, conditioners, and coverings that guarantee good hair days

Become styling product-savvy
hair styling tips hair products

Styling products could also be different in nature, but one thing remains the same: a touch goes an extended way. Always start with an itty-bitty amount and add more if needed.

Get the proper hair tools and accessories
hair styling tips build your arsenal

Customize your arsenal to deal with your texture and hair type, but refill on these fundamentals: a light-weight hand blower that won’t elicit damage, the proper hairbrushes, and Tricomi suggests getting hair ties and bobby pins that color-match your strands.

Learn the hairbrush basics
hair styling tips hair brush basics
For everyday grooming, choose paddle brushes. once you blow-dry, use a round brush to simply grab every strand. But be careful for round brushes with metal frames — when combined with hot air from a dryer, it can heat up way too fast and burn your tresses. Your safest bet is to stay with a wooden one.

Learn to embrace your natural texture
hair styling tips learn to embrace natural hair

More and more women are beginning to embrace their natural hair texture. But, after years of using hot stying tools, it'd take time for you to know what your hair really wants and wishes to seem its best.


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