We accept revisions, overhauls and CCTV installation services at low rates in its class. The price, you can costume, customize the payment you have. Come to us at this time. We have an office address at the mashudi line no 146 Cikampek, Karawang Regency, ready to serve CCTV installations for housing,

shops, institutions and companies

The cctv synergy is a legal industry with a business entity, serving the needs in the aspect of procurement of goods and services, specializing like CCTV installation services in Karawang. Experienced since 2015, we can help you introduce digital technology security through the installation of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras, either using analog cameras or interactive cameras. Purnamedia is dedicated to serving you in Indonesia.

Although sharing the title of CCTV installation service Karawang does not mean only serving the Karawang area, we always receive orders in other areas such as Purwakarta Subang and various other areas in West Java, Indonesia, ready to work on high-rise building installations using the media copper cable (RG), fiber optic / fiber optic (FO) or wireless infrastructure (wireless) with a product guarantee of 1 year.

Serving procurement, revision and installation of new installations at low rates in its class. We are proud to say that we are reliable personnel. Capable of completing complex topologies such as wireless IP-Cam within tens of kilometers and introducing various digital security needs for individuals, government agencies and for industrial needs with global standard products.

Why Sort Us?

To support the continuity of our business, of course, we prioritize quality and service.

Purnamedia has completed many projects in excess of hundreds of orders that were carried out, and from there we have a great experience for you.

Professional HR
Having a skilled workforce in their field, understanding complex topologies even in the aspect of CCTV cameras.

Low Budged
100% original product with low payment in its class.

CCTV installation service in Karawang is a digital technology surveillance service with a 1 year product warranty and this is one of the real benefits for you.

Trusted Branding
Purnamedia builds branding through an integrated payment mechanism with well-known banks.

Costume Cost
Products and services can be adjusted for a fee


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