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How do you choose your wedding dress?

There is nothing more important than knowing your figure well and what is most flattering to it. If you have a thick waist, the last thing you want is a dress that emphasizes the waist. 

An empire waistline or basque core is more flattering. Also, avoid dresses with layers of ruching around the waist. The extra thickness is the last thing you need, along with skirts that gather at the core.

1. Strapless dress

If you have a nice decolletage, shoulders, and arms, a strapless dress will look very nice.

If your arms or shoulders are not incredibly beautiful, a cap sleeve is more flattering. A straight strap over the bra strap line with a second loose ‘strap’ hanging down at the armpit level can be very flattering. Buy Pronovias Chicago designer dress that will look beautiful on you. 

2. Full sleeve

If you have extra weight in your arms, a 3/4 length sleeve or full sleeve is most flattering. Very skinny arms would also look better in long sleeves. Buy wedding dresses in Chicago that comes within budget.

3. Fuller skirt

If you have a slim upper torso with a large derriere and thighs, a fuller skirt is flattering.

4. Trumpet style

If you have a beautifully well-proportioned hourglass figure, you could pull off a mermaid or trumpet style, as long as you’re not too short. This style will make anyone look shorter, only due to the three sections of the dress (no matter how high your shoes are).

All of these decisions need to be made based on your figure and nothing else.

5. Stylish neckline

A sweetheart neckline, square neckline, and boatneck will make your shoulders look more comprehensive, which will give an overall more hourglass look if your figure is more straight with fewer curves.

6. V neck 

A V neck will make you look a bit taller and slimmer.

Pronovias Chicago

7. Low cut back

If you have a nicely toned back, a low cut back is a great way to show it off.

If you have a slim and nicely toned waist, you could pull off a separate skirt and crop top, with a few waist shows.

Try on many of the dresses you already own and analyze which necklines, waist styles, and sleeves, etc. are most flattering on you.

Narrow the choices down according to these guidelines, then go to a bridal shop in Chicago and browse the pattern books to narrow down further the exact style you would like, mainly which neckline is most flattering on you.

Consider many different options and combinations, and sketch them if possible. Find a stunning collection of designer wedding dress store in Chicago

THEN go to the bridal boutiques and try on dresses, with a strict budget in mind. Bring your sketches to show what you want. Purchase perfect bridal gowns in Chicago that suits your style. 

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