For all the aspiring artists who are looking for a promotion of their music, Daily Music Roll is the best proposition for them. It is a major online magazine that puts in their best efforts on behalf of the artists, bands, musicians, and singers and helps them reach their target audience.

The online magazine offers the artist to showcase their interview that is duly featured on the website. For this purpose, a set of questions are sent to them by the pool of experts and once it is sent back by the artists they post them on the interview section after compilation.

They also provide paid promotion services on major social media platforms and offer the artist extensive support by publishing music reviews, blogs, news apart from the interviews. It also offers an Electronic Press Kit for a full-blown promotion of the artist and these are submitted to major news outlets like Google News.  

Daily Music Roll also features music videos by the artist as part of the promotional process in their video section. The experts provide a video link and a short description and the video is shared with more than 900,00 audience all across the planet. The online magazine is a vital cog in the wheel as part of the thriving music industry on a global platform.  


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