Roosevelt is a true leader in the network marketing world. His consistent effort and supreme style is the epitome of what all. I always love to see his smiling face whenever I look into to apsense. Apsense is the business Social Network and The Business Leader is Roosevelt Evans III. I look forward to meeting him someday.
 - vanwes June 20th, 2011

Roosevelt is one of these silent sensible types, at least thats my impression, who makes considered, calculated comments and reliable promotions. You’ll occassionally bump into him at various marketing and social business sites adding his valid contribution.
 - marketclick April 23rd, 2011

Roosevelt,thanks for all the information that you have shall with me on the internet I have only known for over a year,but it as if I have met you in person,you are down to earth.Keep doing what you are doing and your honesty on the internet.I am very glad to be your friend and God Bless..Thanks Again!!! marvinwhiteheadjr
 - marvin60 February 24th, 2011

A little while after I got on Apsense, and started building my business social network profile, I came across Roosevelt's profile. I read it and connected with him. He later went through my profile, followed the link to one of my literary works then sent me a message full of encouragement and guidance. Roosevelt is a motivator and great Apsense entrepreneur. He displays great networking skills. I am ready to work with him always.
 - pensage February 14th, 2011

I have noticed Roosevelt around ApSense a lot lately, but never in an obnoxious manner. I like the idea that he knows what he wants and goes after it with a pleasant sharing attitude, respectful of others and willing to collaborate in order to reach mutually beneficial goals. I suspect we will be seeing a lot of each other around here.
 - oldbuddy January 1st, 2011

I've known Roosevelt for the past 5 months. We are members at IMfaceplate, that's where we "met". Roosevelt writes thoughtful articles, many times on motivation or spiritual subjects. He has given me support and encouragement. Building a relationship with him can only bring positive things in your life, IMHO. BTW, look at his APSense Business Center, you'll see he's not a "I can do it all by myself" kind of guy. He likes to share info with other people. Philippe
 - phmoisan December 29th, 2010

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