I wanted to thank you for your recent share of the Twiends.com site, Gopakumar. As I've been a member also for some time, it is something I promote as well. It's very handy for building a baseline on Twitter, and for featuring what we do through it's various functions to 'get and give credits' to members. On another note, I also like the way you have set up your ABC on APSense - good detail (I haven't done a mapcounter yet!). Keep up the good works!
 - pearson6 March 11th, 2011

hi thanks for being my friend here. also for teaching me some things that i don not know..
 - ichierah January 21st, 2011

Gopakumar,with 2921 honor points you have tread a good path in helping others ! I like your lines that "every one comes with a reason" Yes these are the prime reasons that are given by you and you have welcomed both! But there are "other" reasons also. Just see I like you for no reason of self interest other than that you are a learned man and are from India and very very active on the Apsense This reason I would say is the reason without a reason that is the reason of interest of Love ! You wore the mentle of the Fan group with alacriticity well done I shALL TRY TO FOLLOW YOU ON YOUR PROGRAMS THAT ARE MY FIT AT MY AGE ALL THE BEST TO YOU AND I WISH YOU ALL THE GOD SPEED IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVOURS AND EFFORTS ! MAY YOU BE CROWNED WITH SUCCESS IN GUIDING OTHERS AS YOU DESIRE TO BE ALL THE BEST AGAIN
 - vpsmalhotra October 21st, 2010

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 - xingfuhh October 11th, 2010

Hi..............hope you earning well. P remote well and earn well
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Hello Gopakumar Rajan!! How are you? read your blog about the penalizing by google, and it is very good for ours who to know more about their blogging issues.I am repeating the congratulations with others for your valuable writings.Thanking you anil
 - anil8 October 1st, 2010

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I take some ideas about how Rajan are use all of Apsense tools, and Now I get some amazing result, like more affiliate and site that I promo. I am really glad to be at this great community and share with Gopakumar, Regards,
 - gilberto September 11th, 2010

Gald to meet U. Can U help me to earn more amount from internet?
 - vasu2009 September 7th, 2010

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