Zodiac Sign Leo

by Vinay Bajrangi World Renowned Astrologer
The lord of the sign is the Sun, the most powerful of all planets. Hence, it is considered that people born in this sign are generally successful and rise in life and overcome any number of obstacles that come their way. This house is between two more or fewer benefice planets, the Moon and Mercury on either side or both of them are friends of the Sun. This Ascendant has the aspect of a very benefice Jupiter as well as the aspect of a malefic Saturn. These people owing to the malefic aspect of Saturn, especially if they are born in the nakshatra of Makha or within the first Drekkana of this Ascendant develop a detached outlook early in the life unless property guided and suffer from ill-health during their childhood or youth, but later on they are free from diseases. One peculiarity is that there will generally be a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury which, in this case, is indeed very good as they happen to be the lords of the 1st and 2nd houses. Of course much will depend upon the position of these two planets in a horoscope with other aspects. But, generally speaking, the conjunction of the lords of 1st and 2nd house must be considered to be very good and in this case it almost always happens that more often than not, the native is a self-made man, with only minor fluctuations in financial fortune, but their living and thinking will still be of the royal type.

The 2nd house has as its lord Mercury, and the house is between the Sun and Venus. Both of these planets are friends of Mercury, and this house has the aspect of Jupiter only. Therefore, these people are truthful and honest, and they are generally able to earn well in their lives because this Mercury happen to be not only the lord of the 2nd house but also of the 11th house. Any conjunction between the lords of the 1st, 2nd, and 11th house is always considered to be very beneficial. Though these people are generally truthful and honest, they are slightly given to flattery. They are typically not much blessed with domestic happiness, for Saturn the lord of the 7th house is an enemy of truthful to say that these people thought they might marry good spouses; somehow or the other, the understanding between them is not too good, or there is a plurality of marriages.

The 3rd house has Venus in it, and this house has the aspect of Mars as well as Saturn and is between Mercury and Mars. Therefore, there will be some deaths of brothers or want of understanding between the native and his brother or sisters.

He is bold, but owing to the aspect of Saturn, one will have to say that these people are also sometimes a bit obstinate and difficult in personal relations. If once they decide something, they very rarely change their minds. They will not have much travel. 
The 4th house has Mars as its lord, and this house is between Venus and Jupiter. This house has the aspect of the Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. The aspect of so many planets on one particular house shows an excellent and respectable mother and that can also be seen by the fact that the Moon, the indicator for mother and Mars, the lord of the 4th house are friends. They are successful in their education however much Mars and Mercury may be adverse. But one thing has to be said that these people even treat their enemies generously. All that they generally desire is the credit of having won, no matter at what cost. They have typically good conveyances.
Sagittarius is in the 5th house with Jupiter as its lord having the aspect of Mercury. The house is between Mars and Saturn Hence these people generally have children. Besides, the Sun and Jupiter are also friends. They are brilliant and have a sharp intellect. The absence of any malefic aspect on this house is indicative of the fact that they have some luck behind them. They are generally very fond of authority, and they also know how to use it successfully. One thing has to be remembered. The position of these house two malefic planets indicates that their children may suffer from some ill-health or they will not gain much happiness through them.

The 6th house is of Capricorn whose lord is Saturn and is between Jupiter and Saturn. This has the aspect of the Moon only, and this shows that they are very susceptible to the influence of women and generally, these people must be careful of their association with women. Whatever be their income, they usually fall into debt.

The 7th house has Saturn as its lord, and this house is between Jupiter and Saturn has the aspect of the Sun and Mars, both of them malefic planets and also enemies of Saturn. But Venus, the indicator of spouse, is friendly towards Saturn and Mercury the lord of the 2nd house is friendly with Venus.

Hence they marry well and often get an excellent wife. But somehow, since the Sun and Saturn are enemies, so also the Sun and Venus, there is luck of perfect understanding between husband and wife.

The 8th house with Jupiter as its lord also has the aspect of Saturn and Mercury. This gives them a reasonably long life. Besides, Jupiter and Saturn are friends and this house being placed between Saturn and Mars is indeed very good. For, the 8th house speaks not only of longevity but also of misery and unhappiness. So this house is hemmed in between malefic planets reduces this misery and unhappiness.

The 9th house with Mars as its lord is between Jupiter and Venus, both of them friends of Mars. Mars and the Sun, the indicators of the father, are friends and this house has the aspect of Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus, therefore, they are likely to inherit some paternal property.

The 10th house has Venus as its lord with the aspects of Mars and it lies between the Mars and Mercury. This indicates some independent profession. These people are not religious, though they aren't atheists either.

The 11th house with its lord Mercury is between Venus and the Moon, with the aspect of Jupiter and Mars. These people earn well in their lives.

The 12th house with the Moon as its lord has the aspect of Saturn and Mars, and this house is between two friendly planets, Mercury and the Sun. These people, therefore, tend to spend and often try living beyond their means- a tendency which they must try to curb them generally likes to show off.

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