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by Vinay Bajrangi World Renowned Astrologer

This Ascendant has as its lord the Moon, which is placed in between Mercury and the Sun. This Ascendant has the aspect of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars and is generally associated with saints, and philosopher or at least people who are significantly spiritually inclined. This is because in the cycle of constellations,

The first set of nine ends and then Leo begins again with  Ketu (Dragon's tail) as its lord just as Ashwani starts with Ketu in Aries. Therefore, the three Ascendants Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are generally associated with saintly people and of these three, Cancer and Pisces seem to have been more favored by them. It can seem that the cycle ends once again with Scorpio, and Sagittarius begins with moola, whose lord is Ketu, and ends with Pisces. The last constellation there is Revti, which has Mercury as its Lord. Perhaps the reason is, that somehow or the other, the aspect of two malefic planets on the Ascendant (and more so if the native is born during Krishna Paksha or the darker half of the lunar month, when the lord of the Ascendant become weak), the malefic planets become stronger and the benefice planets become weaker. Therefore, worldly happiness and riches keep playing truant in their lives, but with a spiritual inclination, they generally evolve very well and rise very high. They are reasonably healthy during their childhood. Owing to the aspect expect of Saturn and another malefic Mars, they have a strain concerning their health, but still, they have a reasonably long and happy life. This Ascendant generally becomes less powerful especially when these natives are born very near Amavasya or immediately after Amavasya, i.e. (the darkest Moonless night), in which they are likely to be affected by many changes, ups and downs in life and experience conditions similar to what is experienced by a farmer in the monsoon weather viz., sometimes too bright, while at other times less bright.

The 2nd house has the sun in it, and this house is between the Moon and Mercury. This house has the aspect of Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn expecting the 2nd house is always bad, causing some domestic unhappiness in their lives. Very often it can be seen that these people marry more than once. Jupiter and the Sun are friends, and Jupiter happens to be the lord of the 9th house. Generally, these people inherit paternal property. Here again, this Ascendant will suffer from one disability, and that is, the lord of the 12th house. This conjunction is bad. That particular conjunction of the Sun with Mercury may be good, but so far as the question of money or wealth is concerned, the question will be whether it is good. One will have to say that is it bad. These people are independent, truthful and honest. Somehow or other, domestic happiness is very often denied to them.

The 3rd house has Mercury as its lord with the aspect of Jupiter. They have brothers and sisters and generally rise well in life. The native is typically very fond of his brothers and sisters and quite often very helpful. But since Mars and Mercury are inimical some death among them is likely. Though they are very thoughtful, they can get excited, but since the Sun is the lord of the 2nd house with the aspect of Saturn, they have perfect control over their feelings. Somehow they do not travel much. The 4th house has Venus as its lord, and this house is between Mercury and Mars. Mercury and Venus are friends, so also Venus and Mars. This house has the aspect of Saturn and Mars. There is generally a break in their education or some delay before completion. But still, they attain some knowledge. Again, the aspect of two malefic planets on this house shows the lack of happiness and mental peace. Here again, there is trouble the Sun and Venus are generally together. Venus, a benefice planet by being the lord of the 4th house is in conjunction with the Sun and hence getting eclipsed, cannot be considered good at all. Therefore, whatever is their position so far as the question of money is considered somehow or the other mental peace and happiness are often not found up to their minimum expectations? They have a very excellent lady as a mother, but the 4th house is severely afflicted by the aspect of Saturn and Mars expecting, very often it has been seen that the mother is afflicted or some sorrow haunts her there is no shortage or trouble so far as vehicles or conveyance is concerned. They also have a large circle of friends and are fond of home and family life.

The 5th house as its lord Mars and this house are between two great benefices, Jupiter and Venus. This house has the aspect of Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. They are very intelligent, and they have the quickness of perception. They know how to yield power and authority and are generally loved by their kith and kin. The 5th house speaks of Poorva-Punya also, and they are usually lucky. They are blessed with children as Jupiter and Mars are friends. All of their children may not survive them.

The 6th house has as its lord Jupiter, and this house has the Mercury. This house is strong shows that these people always have to meet many troubles in life though they may eventually be able to overcome them because this house is between two malefic planets, Mars and Saturn They very often run into debts. These people must take care of that aspect. This house, except in exceptional case, show that these people have not got much opportunity to travel

The 7th house has as its lord Saturn, and this house is between Jupiter and Saturn. This house has the aspect of the Moon alone. Saturn and Venus are friends. Therefore, they marry well in life, and they have a perfect spouse. But still, the Sun, the lord of the 2nd house indicating domestic happiness and Saturn are enemies. So also Venus and the Sun hence either they do not get any domestic happiness, or they have a plurality of wives. Somehow or other, for no fault of either, one can see in a case of Cancer Ascendant domestic happiness being denied especially if the native happens to be a male.

The 8th house has as its lord Saturn and is in between Saturn and Jupiter. This house has the aspect of Mars as well as the Sun. This is very good, in that is removes much of the misfortunes, etc., indicated by the house. Since the Moon and Saturn are friendly, they have a reasonably long life, but it can be seen that these people have more or less a sudden death, i.e., not after a prolonged illness. They get inheritances, but not without sustained efforts.

The 9th house has Jupiter as its lord, and the house is between Saturn and Mars. This house has the aspect of Saturn and Mercury. Jupiter, the lord of the 9th house and the Sun, the Pitrukarak, are friendly. Hence they generally inherit some paternal property. They typically come from a good and respectable family. They are reasonably religious by temperament, and their spiritual interest gets kindled at a young age.

The 10th house has Mars as its lord with Jupiter and Venus on either side. This house has the aspect of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. The aspect of two such perfect benefices on this house is fascinating. It shows are very successful in their business or whatever their vocation. They are thoroughly

Honest. In public life, they are highly favored and attain disability of being the lord of the 11th house, Jupiter, the lord of the 6th house, Saturn the lord of the 8th house, Mercury, the lord of the 3rd and 12th houses. Hence Mars is the one great benefice that must be strong for natives born in this Ascendant. It does not have the aspect of any malefic planet or conjunction. Even debilitated mar in Cancer is much preferable to Mars being in a bad house. Therefore, these people earn reasonably well in life.

The 12th house has Mercury in it, with the aspect of Jupiter and Mars. These people spend a lot of money, more so during the middle portion of their lives. But very often there is a danger of their loss at least some of this fortune.

Now it can be seen that somehow or the other, domestic happiness is denied, trouble through the wife or from the wife is foreseen, mental peace is afflicted, and if unfortunately the Sun and Mercury are together, money may be lost. But the 12th house from the Ascendant has a benefice aspect of Jupiter, and their 5th house again has a benefice aspect of Jupiter as well as Venus. So also the 10th house with the aspect of Jupiter and Venus hence these people, if they turn their thoughts towards God, rise much higher spiritually than materially in their lives.

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