Yuchai Follows Emission Upgrading to Stand Out from the Market of Euro V Heavy Truck

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In 2017, China's heavy truck market has seen a long overdue recovery. In the first seven months, the number of heavy trucks reached a total of 678, 000, representing a year-on-year growth of 74% compared with that of 390,000 the last year. On the whole, the figures of heavy trucks had grown by 288,000, and it was expected to over more than 1.1 million this year affected by the economic recovery and road logistics demand growth, fixed assets investment project driving demand for heavy trucks.

It is worth noting that, on July 1, the full implementation of new regulations for Euro V kept abreast of the growing price of heavy trucks. Thanks to the previous emission standards for product upgrading to enhance the performance, the domestic heavy truck manufacturers had been locked and loaded.



Recently, YC Power, as the representative of domestic leading green power supplier, brought its Euro V of environmental protection and energy saving products at the sixteenth exhibition of China (Beijing) international internal combustion engines and parts & components. Among them, products of Yuchai including Euro V diesel engines such as YC6K, YC6JA, and YC4S, Euro V gas engine including YC6MKN, YCHPS medium mixed hybrid power assembly, E150 pure electric motor, and 11 engines including YC6L Euro diesel engine. Therefore, Yuchai showed its confidence to deal with the diverse needs of the Euro V market.



Emission upgrading with advanced technology



The same thing has different meanings for different people. For example, emission upgrading from the Euro III to Euro V, Yuchai is the first one to launch the industry-leading products to meet emission standards. In fact, in early 2010, the Euro V had been entered the market in bulk, before the standard for Euro V was implemented in July 1 of this year. As of 2016, the number of Euro V engine sales had exceeded 100,000.



The diesel engine and the major gas engine CH-5 were covered all the advertisements, and the whole series of products were put in the market.Lin Zhiqiang, Senior Director of clean-energy engine R&D and marketing, told the customers at <>. Yuchai diesel engines that have unique advantages, especially in on-road heavy truck, both from technology and infrastructure, it is not easy to be replaced by clean-energy vehicles in the short terms.



Therefore, Yuchai has always been committed to performance development and promotion in the field of diesel engine, and continued to provide high quality green power for customers. For example, YC6K heavy-duty diesel engine was launched in 2010 by its insight into the heavy truck industry. With strong technical capabilities and excellent performance, it drew attention in the heavy truck market.



YC6K shows its excellent performance in the diesel engine, and has achieved several good results. For instance, the first four-valve heavy-duty diesel engine with overhead camshaft is developed to meet the emission standards of Euro III to Euro VI, the first product is to pass the RG reliability growth tests, the application of latest Top-Down Cooling technology, and introduction of accurate combustion and electronic control technology, engine reverse cross-flow cooling technology, high-strength materials and cylinder braking technology with high-efficiency engine.



Statistics shows that the 12-liter YC6K diesel engine has a rated power of 480 HP with maximum torque of 1800-2200N.m. YC6K13 is the largest displacement of 13-liter engine on the domestic market, with rated power 580 HP and the maximum torque of 2550N.m, and it can meet the engine demand of prefix 2final drive ratio for with large torque, fast speed, and low consumption. The engine has good engine performance been tested through 1.5 million kilometers in Turpan, Golmud, Kunlun Mountains and Heihe with the high-temperature, arctic-alpine and high-altitude.



Compared with the similar products, YC6K has the advantages of fast starting, speed lifting and fast hill-climbing, and time consumption is shorter in the same journey. The dynamic response of YC6K can reach within 2S, while the competitors are usually above 4S. The excellent quality not only makes YC6K take the lead in technology, but also can meet the demand of high-efficient logistics tractor and compound road tractor.



Industry-leading: The growth rate higher than that of the industry



Overconfidence is a recipe for failure of competition. Good products should be recognized by customers. What is the market response for truck engine represented by Yuchai YC6K?



Yuchai YC6K, launched in the market with the enough power, low consumption, comfortableness and reliability, has been recognized by the customers for heavy truck including C&C Trucks, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Corporation, JAC and Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The good reputation of YC6K heavy engine has been paid more attention by OEMs. In the first seven months, the sales growth of traction engine of heavy card was much higher than other manufacturers.



This is not only because YC6K has the same platform advantages with the latest generation of heavy-duty structure in Europe, but also continues the quality upgrading of Yuchai. After entering the Euro V, Yuchai has adopted 12-liter and 13-liter YC6K heavy engine in truck factories, increasing the matching development. YC6K applies advanced technologies such as overhead camshaft, roller rocker, and integral cylinder head.



Moreover, Yuchai has developed a matching 13-liter YC6K engine with gas heavy truck for special needs in some areas. In the first half of this year, the demand of YC6K gas machine exceeds it provides in the manufacturers like the traction gas heavy truck of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and C&C Trucks.



A survey of feedback on heavy truck equipped with YC6K was done among customers. It showed that a higher recognition with 97% of customers satisfied with YC6K, and 99% satisfied with the dynamic property, 95% satisfied with the economy. The tracking data of actual vehicle show that, on the condition of a total of 49 tons and the average speed of 80 km/h, the average fuel consumption of the Dongfeng Liuzhou Vehicle H7 tractor heavy truck equipped with 6K, is 30L for a round-trip about hundreds of kilometers, and it meets the requirements of the existing high-efficient logistics on the dynamic property, economy and reliability.



Following the YC6K, the Euro V engines for heavy truck including YC6K, YC6KN, YC6MK, YC6MKN, and YC6L have been made a great breakthrough in traction market. At present, YC engine for heavy truck has been matched with heavy truck brands such as C&C Trucks, Dongfeng Liuzhou Vehicle Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Corporation, JAC and Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd, and won a wide circle of customers.



Where there is a will, there is a way. Success will move toward Yuchai. Confronted with challenges and opportunities of emission upgrading, Yuchai has worked to overcome obstacles along with YC6K, which has greatly enhanced the brand's influence. Since this year, the truck engine of Yuchai has been growing in the logistics market. Besides the heavy truck, it has also made a great progress in the 4X2 light loading truck market for logistics.



From the turbineto direct injection, from naturally aspiratedto turbocharged intercooling, and from two-valveto the four-valve, Yuchai has updated the traditional product competitive landscape again, YC6K also keeps pace with it. Despite huge challenges in the future, we have confidence in our products and its wide circle of customers, and it is not easy to be surpassed in a short time.Mr. Lin said, Yuchai will constantly deliver superior products in accordance with the changes of the market, customersneeds.


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