Yuchai Diesel Engine Power for 16KW to 330KW Generator Set

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

Yuchai is a famous engine brand in China, and also the largest independent engine manufacturer in China. Products cover 10 platforms, 30 series and over 2000 varieties, which are widely apply to trucks, coaches, engineering machinery, agricultural equipment, marine & G-drive engines, special vehicle and light vehicle. From China II to China VI, Yuchai is China’s first enterprise issuing the first set of engine and placing the first batch of products on the market.

In this article, we mainly talk about Yuchai G-drive diesel engines for 16kw to 330kw generator sets. If you want to know about Yuchai different series diesel generator characteristics, please continue to read.

Yuchai YC4R Series G-Drive Diesel Engine Brief Introduction

Base on land generator set power, Raywin Power-train Technology Co.,Ltd., together with Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd., jointly develops compact engine used for generator set and ship.

Power for 16 to 34 KW Gensets

YC4R Model Characteristics:

a. It is characterized by reliable structure, tunnel-type cylinder block, structure without cylinder liner, high strength, wide suitability, integrated parts design, and full-simulation analysis.

b. Electronically-control VP pump is adopted, which ensure precise control of fuel-injection quantity, low fuel consumption, good dynamic performance and fast transient response.

c. It is characterized by compact structure and light weight.

d. Unilateral maintenance is adopted; three filters and fuel drain plug are set at same side for easy maintenance.

YC4FA Series Brief Introduction

YC4FA series engine is developed for the market development needs for small generator set, naval vessel, light bus and passenger vehicle; it is a light type and is characterized by displacement of 2.982 litres, and energy-saving and environment-friendly. Electronically-control high pressure common rail technology (BOSCH) is adopted; and technological achievements from modern engine, such as low eddy combustion, are adopted; the indexes, such as dynamic performance and economy, reach the foreign advanced level; such model takes the leading role of its kind domestically. Marketing holdings of it is more than 450,000.

Power for 40 to 45KW Gensets

YC4FA Model Characteristics:

a. It is characterized by lightweight; some of parts are made of lighter aluminum material; thus the weight of the whole engine is light.

b. The main structures, such as engine body, are time-tested, and high-quality alloy cast iron is adopted for cylinder head, which ensures the high reliability of the whole engine.

c. Advanced and mature electronically-control common rail (BOSCH) and high-efficient turbocharged intercooled technologies are adopted, which ensure precise control of fuel-injection quantity and effectively improve combustion effect; and fuel consumption and pollutant emission are reduced.

d. Perfect fault diagnosis and protection strategy is provided for the electronic control system of engine for conveniences of maintenance and repair.

e. Requirements for Grade G3 generating set performance is satisfied.

Yuchai generator set 100KW

YC4D Series Brief Introduction

YC4D series engine developed by Yuchai, is a classic power product with high brand awareness and high market recognition; and market holdings of it is more than 500,000; the engine used for generator set is developed based on it, and is characterized by reliability and durability, energy-saving and environment-friendly, compact structure, strong transient loading capability and good maintainability.

Power for 45 to 110KW Gensets

YC4D Model Characteristics

a. The main structures, such as engine body, is time-tested, which ensures the high rreliability of the whol engine.

b. Advanced and mature electronically-control common rail (BOSCH) and high-efficient turbocharged intercooled technologies are adopted, which ensure precise control of fuel-injection quantity and sufficient air intake; and the full combustion and less emission of diesel engine under different load conditions are ensured.

c. The design of integrated outlet water header pipe of cylinder head is adopted, which reduces the sealing surface and improves sealing reliability.

d. It is characterized by good transient speed governing performance and strong loading capability; requirements for generating unit performance grade G3 is satisfied.

e. Two-stage diesel filter with alarm function is adopted, which ensures the operating.

YC4A Series brief introduction is same to YC4D series engine, power for 64 to 132KW Gensets

YC4A Model characteristics

a, b &c characteristics is same to YC4D model

d. Full-flow oil cooler is adopted; thus heat dissipation efficiency is increased by 30% and oil temperature is effectively reduced; and the oil can lubricate the parts under reasonable temperature to reduce the friction loss.

e. The internally-cooled oil channel is adopted for piston, which effectively reduces piston temperature and ensures the long service life.

f. Requirements for Garde G3 genset performance is satisfied.

YC6A Series Brief Introduction

YC6A series engine through long-term market trail, is a mature product with excellent performance and high reliability; the market quantity of it is more than one million. Such model is developed for the characteristics of generator unit, which is characterized by high cost performance, easy use and maintenance, and superior NVH performance.

Power for 110 to 190KW Gensets

YC6A Model characteristics

High-strength alloy cast iron engine body, forging crankshaft, and connecting rod employing the cracking technology are adopted, which ensure high reliability after years of full verification by market.

YC6MK Series Brief Introduction

YC6MK series engine after more than 10 years market trial, is widely used in heavy bus, heavy truck, engineering machinery, ship and generator set. After its configuration is upgraded to electronically-control high pressure common rail, the emission meets the requirements for non-road stage III; and it is characterized by sufficient margin,m stronger dynamic performance, lessfuel consumption and better transient loading capability. 

Power for 200 to 330KW Gensets

YC6MK Model characteristics

a. Integral crankcase and integral cylinder head are adopted, which ensure good reliability.

b. Wet cylinder liner is adopted, which ensures the wear resistant and easy maintenance.

c. High-strength crankshaft is adopted, which ensure good wear resistance, and long service life.

d. The internally-cooled oil channel technology is adopted for piston, which ensures high temperature resistance and good reliability.

e. Advanced and mature electronically-control high pressure common rail fuel system, and the secondary injection technology are adopted, which ensure better dynamic performance and less fuel consumption.

f. Requirements for Garde G3 generating set performance is satisfied.

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