Yuchai 4D24T Diesel Engine Daily Maintenance Instructions

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4.2 Maintenance of Yuchai 4D24/4D24T diesel engine

The initial maintenance should be made and recorded according to the warranty manual.


During the use of diesel engines, the following requirements should also be carried out for routine maintenance, daily maintenance by the user own, other levels of maintenance by professional maintenance person:


Air filter is a key component to ensure the diesel engine clean air inhaled, to always check the air intake system and maintenance, to replace the air filter, ensure that the diesel engine does not appear early wear.


4.2.1 Diesel engine breaking-in

The new diesel engine need to have breaking-in period (starting 50h), in order to make the match performance of each moving parts to further improve, ensure the working reliability and service life of the diesel engine:


1) After starting the diesel engine in low speed to warm up for at least 5 minutes;


2) After starting, the load cannot be increased sharply, it needs to slowly increase;


3) Diesel engine idle speed or full load running not more than 5 minutes;


4) Often observe the oil, water temperature meter, to ensure the normal working status of the diesel engine:


The overhauled diesel engine, also need to have breaking-in period (refer to new machine breaking-in), to ensure of the friction pairs matching effect. After the end of the breaking-in period oil should be replaced, and replace the oil filter element. No idle running, which resulting in early wear and tear.


4.2.2 Maintenance of diesel engine

Correct, timely and careful maintenance can guarantee diesel engine working smoothly for a long time, to prevent the occurrence of fault, reduce wear, prolong the service life. The user should according to the content listed in diesel engine maintenance, specific classification as follows: Maintenance cycle of the table below:

Note: the use of harsh conditions (minimum temperatures below -20°C, or the highest temperatures higher than 35°C, or environmental dust content in the high desert, mine site, construction sites, coal yards, etc.), it is necessary to shorten the replacement cycle of engine oil.


Diesel engine daily maintenance instructions


Good maintenance from day to day of diesel engine and its system are beginning to understand, starting diesel engine before check the oil level and coolant level, check whether there is:



The loose and damaged parts

The belt is worn or damaged

Any change in the appearance of the diesel engine

No fuel smell


At the same time need to see if there is no fault lights on, if there is a fault then need to identify, if it is historical failure, can be cleared.

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