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by Romil Chaudhary Romil Chaudhary
Currently, YouTube has more than thirty-one million channels, and they are all competing for more subscribers (read here), higher watch time, greater likes, and larger influence.

There are all kinds of channels in all kinds of genre, from education to entertainment to infotainment, news, politics, business tricks, even channels on how to get more subscribers (read more). 

The business of YouTube has grown exponentially ever since Google took over in 2006. But in this race to get more subscribers (know more) and watch time, channels and channel owner have resorted to unfair means and illegal practices. 

So, in this meshed network of channels, influence and an almost larger than life industry, let us explore exactly what this race for subscribers (visit here) is all about. 

Why Do I Need More Subscribers as a Channel?

The answer is not simple and does not merely lie in the obvious monetary reply. More subscribers (visit more) translate to more money. It is not that simple. While the monetary incentive is real and enticing, the race for getting more subscribers (read any more) is not for that reason alone. 

Increasing the number of subscribers (for more information) means that you have a greater watch time and thus a greater influence over people’s minds, perceptions and behaviours. 

Subscribers (learn more) also build a loyal fan base that is going to protect and support you in times of public and social scrutiny. 

Remember the recent YouTube vs TikTok trend and how fans stood in overwhelming support for Carry Minati? That is the kind of influence that a channel has over its subscribers (for more info). 

A greater influence means that you can step outside of the YouTube (get more info) world and become an influencer, a speaker, a performer, a teacher, whatever it is you are famous for. 

It gives you massive credibility. You can build your own network circles (see more), promote a product or an idea, start a social revolution, demand justice for people, stand up for social and economic causes, the possibilities are immense, and these possibilities explain the never-ending myriad of channels.

What the Subscriber Market Holds for the Future

The YouTube subscriber (further details) market is ever-growing and has now a greater number of parties and stakeholders, YouTube influencers, marketers, communities, fans, channel owner, and of course the content creators. YouTube (know more about it) offers tremendous potential for current and future content creators and curators; it is the market for the future. 

It has also led to new behavioural and thinking patterns, and is influencing our social and personal behaviours (know some more) in greater ways than we can imagine; ultimately what we consume is what we become, so be careful of what you are consuming. 

This is a great medium for talented and unidentified artists, but it has also adversely affected the fair practices of the trade and the socially acceptable norms. 

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