Your quick guide to an SMPS adapter

by Martin Jacob Equip2go

SMPS power systems or the switched-mode power systems have switches within them that help to covert the output current from the mains terminal while it is being fed into the device.

It has a switching regulator that is being used for better efficiency in electrical charging or powering up devices.

An SMPS power adapter will help to covert the AC into DC thus making it compatible to run devices and electrical gadgets that need DC. In your house to you can find daily uses of such adapters that the SMPS adapter manufacturer manufactures.

Benefits of using a DC power adapter or an FCW adapter

The switches enable the current to become transformed from alternating mode to the direct mode. This is one major benefit. But there are some other benefits too of using the DC adapters and these include better energy efficiency. When you use these adapters less electrical energy is being wasted.

The switches are being carefully manufactured to waste minimum electrical energy and consume up to 96% or even higher electric energy with minimum energy dissipation.

Another major benefit is that an SMPS adapter manufacturer will manufacture them at low cost thus the gadgets that are so highly used today both at homes or even commercially are found to be at cheaper prices.

They also have a small size and you can easily carry your DC power adapters anywhere within your bags and suitcases.

They also have little or no noise thus making them environment friendly while being user friendly at the same time.

Due to lightweight and with better efficiency of converting power from AC to DC there is less heat generation.

This is a major benefit as you can plug in your SMPS adapter into an output socket for hours without any worries of overheating the device. Think about the larger machines and electrical gadgets being used in the industries.

They will consume huge electrical power and if the gadgets were not efficiently designed for better efficient energy transformation and energy consumption it could have easily resulted in huge electric bills for the organizations due to energy being dissipated at the time of converting from AC to DC.

Disadvantages of using an SMPS adapter

Just like the flip side of a coin, there are some problems too with using the SMPS power adapter. This includes high amplitude, and high energy frequency and this means that electromagnetic interference and ripple voltage is being caused.

For better energy efficiency the SMPS adapters are also fitted using copper wires and this is generally a bit expensive.

Also, you need to be careful of buying the DC power adapters as some of the cheaper ones have low electrical switching and noise back into the mains power lines and this generally leads to interference.

You will see this on the devices that are connected with the same common phase. It also sometimes leads to harmonic distortion as well.

Do the SMPS power adapters have any other functionality apart from converting the AC into DC?

As you might have known by now that the main reason that an SMPS adapter manufactures these gadgets is that while AC is easier for transmission and also costs less, not all devices are equipped to run on DC power.

The SMPS adapter will help get over this difficulty by converting the AC power to DC power.

But there is one more thing that you might be interested to know about. You see when you use the DC power adapters you can plug in your device to any power source without having to worry about the parameters of voltage and current at the output charging or powering terminal.

This means that the adapters can also change the voltage and the current and make it compatible with your device.

Finally- a common misconception cleared- what is the difference between an SMPS power adapter and a charger?

There is as such no difference. You see the fact is that when you plug in your DC batteries to an AC power source the same problem will arise again and thus you need to use an SMPS adapter. In doing so this is called a battery charger or a recharger.

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