You Should Retain A Criminal Lawyer For Your Arraignment Or Bail Hearing?

by Steven J. Lyman Digital Marketing

Arraignment and Bail

A defendant being criminally charged is brought for a hearing, known as an arraignment,. It is the beginning of the defendant’s formal court proceedings, which attaches many rights, including their right to affordable bail. Law is a field of complications, so your lawyer must clearly understand all legal words and bail options. It is always better to seek a lawyer before arraignment to be prepared. They can help you to get Bail from Supreme Court quite easily.

Why are criminal lawyers needed? 

Many people ask whether they should take the opportunity of a free appointed criminal lawyer offered by the court when they have to spend thousands for retaining a criminal lawyer to represent them. You can hire yourself a criminal lawyer who can represent you at the bail hearing or arraignment. Each criminal case is different. However, if there is a previous criminal history against the criminal defendant or serious misdemeanor charges, it is worth hiring a criminal lawyer for the bail hearing.

Having a criminal lawyer is an advantage as they have more criminal law experience than general lawyers. For instance, you can get Anticipatory Bail from Supreme Court with the help of an experienced criminal lawyer compared to general lawyers.

Difference between hiring a public defender and a criminal lawyer

A competent and experienced criminal lawyer knows what questions to ask and what documents need to be presented before the judge to release the client ROR or with reasonable bail. Compared to a public defender, a criminal lawyer invests more time to determine all important information are collected to present a better and lengthy argument to release the criminal defendant's ROR. The main difference between them is that a public defender represents many criminal defendants while criminal lawyers only represent you.

 There is an advantage of the undivided attention of a criminal lawyer for arraignment or bail hearing which is absent in public defender. There are many criminal defense attorneys available nowadays. So it becomes crucial to select the best professional lawyer who would handle your case rightly and be a better choice for you.

Retaining a criminal attorney before arraignment or bail hearing. 

There are numerous advantages of hiring a private criminal lawyer on the case before arraignment. Following are the reasons to consider retaining a criminal attorney before arraignment or bail hearing.

  • If a defendant is in custody after being arrested, the criminal lawyer can help them explain the whole bail process and gets them connected with somebody who can help them get released before the court.
  • You need to retain a criminal lawyer if you are summoned to appear. You need the guidance of a criminal lawyer to know how to proceed. It can be very frustrating for the person accused of a crime to receive the summons. The criminal lawyer helps investigate and discusses all the criminal charges that are alleged before you walk into the court.
  • Some people face the challenge of appearing in court at short notice. In such cases, they can contact a criminal lawyer who helps them waive the typical arraignment that excuses their presence.
  • You can speak to the council by hiring a criminal lawyer and get legal advice before approaching the court for the first time. This is not possible with a public defender. You need to wait after arraignment to meet with your public defender. The criminal lawyer helps in developing criminal strategies before an arraignment. They help you get Bails Special Leave Petition and Transfer petition in supreme court since they have wide experience.

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