Working Principle Of Cnc Machine Tool Machining

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For CNC machine tools, the CNC system is like the brain responsible for cnc machining information and controlling the power of the machine tool. When the shape of the part to be processed is irregular, the interpolation operation can be solved; and when the shape of the part is special and the tool of the machine tool cannot cut, the five-coordinate linkage technology comes in handy.

When it comes to industry, the most basic thing is manufacturing. The so-called manufacturing is to transform various things from raw materials into parts and then assemble them into products. In the traditional metal machining field, the manufacturing of parts is the spattered cast and forged welding and the hard-to-turn turn-milling grinding pliers. Any metal with a slightly shape we have seen in our lives has been in the world before we saw it. The plant has undergone several iron and fire hardenings. Since metal parts are made by machines, how are machines made? It turned out that it was done with a machine tool.

custom aluminium parts

From machine tools to Cnc machine tools, machines no longer work without brains. We can say that machine tools are the "mother machines" of other machines.

The steel produced by the custom aluminum parts is not the weird shapes we see in life, but rather more regular shaped materials such as plates, pipes, ingots, etc. These materials are processed into parts of various shapes. Need to use a machine tool for cutting; there are some parts with higher accuracy requirements and finer surface roughness requirements, it is necessary to cut out or grind them on the machine tool using a sophisticated and complicated process.

Like all machines, the original machine tools included power units, transmissions and actuators, which were driven by motor rotation to input power, and carried relative movements with the workpiece or tool being processed through the transmission. As for where to cut, how much, how much Problems such as fast cutting speed are directly controlled by the person during the machining.

Because the rotation speed of the motor used by traditional machine tools is basically constant during work, in order to achieve different cutting speeds, the traditional machine tools have designed extremely complex transmission systems. Machines of this complexity are rare in today's designs.

With the development of servo motor (servo motor is a motor that can accurately control the position and speed of the motor within a certain range) technology and its application on CNC machine tools, directly controlling the speed of the motor has become convenient, efficient, and basic. The above is stepless speed change, the structure of the transmission system is greatly simplified, and even there are many links where the motor is directly connected to the actuator, and the transmission system is omitted.

This "direct drive" mode is a major trend in the field of mechanical design. The simplification of the structure is not enough. To realize the machining of various shapes of parts, it is also necessary for the machine tool to efficiently and accurately control multiple motors to complete the entire cnc machining process. This will make the machine tool a "brain" CNC machine tool. And this brain is the numerical control system. The level of the numerical control system determines how complicated and precise the CNC machine tool can do, and also determines the value of the machine tool and his operator.

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