Working principle of a Fire Panel

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A fire panel is a safety device used in commercial buildings to initiate a series of actions that potentially save lives and reduce property damage. If you're in charge of making sure a building has all of the appropriate safety features, you could be looking for a fire panel. Before you start shopping for one, learn about what a conventional fire panel accomplishes, which buildings require one, and what qualities to look for in one.


When there is a fire, the purpose of a fire alarm control panel is to initiate a speedy emergency response so that everyone in the building has a chance to escape safely. Because many fire panels on the market have varied features, this product's capabilities might vary. A basic fire panel IGBT supply, for example, may play an alarm to warn every one of the hazards. Some fire panels also contact the fire service, while others activate the building's sprinkler system in an attempt to quickly extinguish the fire. The capabilities vary depending on which fire panel you choose.


If you're curious about how the fire panel works in general, it gets a signal from smoke detectors, the fire sprinkler system, a manual call point, or a pull switch in the building when a fire occurs. This means it won't be able to detect the fire on its own, but it will be able to respond to the signals it receives from the smoke detection devices. The fire panel's reaction is activated at that time, which may involve producing a loud noise and lighting up to alert people to the fire, as well as sending a signal to the fire department or Alarm Company to summon emergency services to the building to extinguish the flames.


Types of Fire Panels

There are two types of fire panels on the market. Conventional panels have been around for a long time and can be seen in older structures. They function by reacting to changes in electrical current, such as when a smoke detector detects smoke and alters the current accordingly. The fire panel will trigger the alarm once it senses this current. The traditional fire panel is commonly referred to as a zonal panel since it is located in separate zones, such as the first floor, second-level, and so on.


An addressable fire panel is a modern form of fire panel. Because it has a microprocessor that transfers data from devices around the building to the panel rather than merely monitoring changes in electrical currents, this system is cutting-edge. Every equipment in the fire detection system of the building has its unique address, allowing the addressable fire panel to determine which unit is sending the signal. This makes locating the gadget that has transmitted signals to the fire panel much easier.


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