Working of a Sphygmomanometer- Let’s Know

by Jessica Roggers Home Healthcare products
When knowing that you’re a patient of frequent high or low blood pressure, you must ensure that you know how to check your ratings with the Sphygmomanometer. 

Before using this device at home, we would suggest you to consult your doctor first so that he/she can instruct you well on the proper usage of this device. Here are the listed below steps you need to do while checking your blood pressure by Sphygmomanometer

1. Setting up the Equipment/Device 

Gently, sit down at a table or desk where you can set up the necessary equipment and its related accessories. Now remove the cuff, stethoscope, pressure gauge, and bulb from the kit also then taking care to untangle the various tubes gently.

2. Make sure to raise your arm to heart level

Properly elevate your arm so that when you bend your elbow, your elbow stays parallel to your heart’s direction. This will ensure that you do not get a disturbed reading on your blood pressure device. Also, make sure that your arm is supported by something in order to avoid any disturbance of the readings. 

3. Now wrap the cuff around your upper arm gently 

If you’re wearing a shirt, make sure you roll your sleeves first and then do this task. Usually the bottom edge of the cuff lies an inch above the elbow. 

4. Place the wide head of the stethoscope on the arm

The edge of the diaphragm should be just beneath the cuff, positioned over the brachial artery. Now gently put the earpieces of the stethoscope in your ears.

5. Inflate the cuff 
You need to keep pumping the cuff until the needle on the gauge reaches 180mmHg. Now the pressure from the cuff will occlude a large artery in the bicep. Hence there is a reason why the pressure from the cuff can feel pretty absurd.

6. Note your systolic and diastolic blood pressure
• Here, the systolic number indicates the pressure from where the blood flow exerts on the walls of an artery after the heart beats or contracts. If it is a higher number of the two blood pressure readings, then it appears at the top.

• Whereas, the diastolic number indicates the pressure from where your blood flow exerts on the walls of an artery after your heart relaxes between contractions. If it is the lower number of the two blood pressure readings, then it appears at the bottom.

Hope we’ve helped you enough to work with your blood pressure monitor.

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