Windscreen Wipers, How They Can Damage Your Windscreen?

by John Cina seo

Windscreen wipers are used for the purpose of cleaning your windscreen. They have a rubber edge which is responsible for wiping the windshield. The wipers can not only help provide visibility when driving in the rain but also remove any debris that might be present on the windscreen. However, if you don’t clean them regularly, they might start damaging the windshield instead of protecting them. Read on to find out how.

Bad Wipers Leave Streaks

If you are using bad wipers that aren’t working properly, you will see streaks forming on the windshield. The reason for this is the hardening of the rubber of the wiper blades due to age. Moreover, arm defects can result in the formation of streaks every time the wipers are used. These streaks cause distraction when driving and make it difficult for you to properly view the road.

Worn Out Wipers Cause Scratches

Wipers, like any other part of the car, need proper cleaning and maintenance. If you don’t pay attention to them, they would slowly get worn out due to the debris that they are tasked to clean from the windshield. Worn out wipers lose their rubber edge, causing their metal strips to come in contact with the windscreen every time they are used. This causes scratches to form on the windshield’s surface. These scratches can impair your visibility and also reflect headlight beams of the oncoming traffic.

Detecting Windscreen Scratches

Windscreen scratches caused by broken wiper blades aren’t that easy to spot. These scratches are very thin and light in appearance and it is easy for you to miss them. However, you can detect them by paying attention to a few things. For instance, hearing a grinding or scraping noise when using your wipers then it is an indication of windscreen scratches. Moreover, if you seeflecks of light on the windshield when driving at night then it is also a telltale sign that there are scratches on the windshield.

Tips for Avoiding Wear and Tear of Wipers

Wipers undergo wear and tear because of regular use. Moreover, lack of cleaning can also cause them to worn out quickly. So, the obvious tip is to clean the wipers on a regular basis. Make sure that you wipe them with a damp cloth to keep them clean. Using windshield washer fluid can also help in keeping the wiper blades free of dirt and debris deposits. During winters, it is best to keep the blades raised off the windscreen. 

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