Will Proxy Harm My Computer?

by Mark Ambrose Manager

Proxies are the newest things that everyone seems to be on a buying spree. However this is not a popular trend, but in contrary, a proxy is a valuable protection tool to keep your systems secure. One of the biggest questions, which most potential proxy users wonder, is that if all or any particular kind of proxy will be harmful for their devices. Both datacenter and residential proxies are absolutely safe to use on any of your devices and not only do these protect from any harm, these also optimize its performance.

How does a proxy work?

A proxy works by providing an intermediary layer between your system and the network, routing all your web traffic through the proxy server, which redirects your query. This way the IP address of your device is masked and it can only be traced back to the proxy server’s IP and never back to you. If anyone is trying to hack into your system they would be directed to the proxy server and not to you since your IP is untraceable.

Proxies are highly efficient and streamline your system, clearing out any unnecessary processes running in the background, therefore, increasing your internet speed and improving your device’s efficiency as well. However, it is important to understand that while a proxy itself will not harm your device, there are a few things you should avoid to prevent any damage to your system, avoid any legal hassles or getting into trouble.

Download with caution

Proxy opens up your world to amazing download options, including torrents from all over the world. While you can definitely download anything you want, make sure you do so only from reputed websites. Downloading content from the wrong space can infect your device with viruses and malware. Not only that, there is a risk of legal issues in case you download something that is under copyright or illegal by your country’s laws.

Don’t venture into illegal territories

There are many web spaces, such as the darkweb, which host a lot of activities that are on the illegal, if not criminal side. Be smart and do not go into a website, download an app or content, which seems remotely suspicious. Do some research before you go into a new website and the moment you feel unsure about anything, simply leave. Not only can these activities get you into trouble with your local law, they can blackmail or threaten you, even harm or ruin you life and those of the people you love.

Do not share passwords

Do not share any passwords, PIN numbers, OTPs or any such information on the internet unless it is an authorised space such as your bank’s payment page. Doing so puts you at a risk of losing money from your bank accounts or even identity theft. Refrain from sharing any personal details with strangers on the internet. These can get you identified and in case of any issues online, you and your family or job can be at risk.

Proxies are safe and essential and helpful tools to protect your system, and offer you online anonymity. However, they do not give you a free pass to get tangled up in wrong things. Always remember that you are not above the laws of your country.

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