Why Your Business Needs An e-Commerce Website?

by Vipin Agarwal A Creative Website Design Company

Do you know there are currently 4,208,571,287 users according to Internet World States (Source) those are searches query for services, products, businesses, information, and other content online. To increase your share in above data you need an e-commerce business website.

So to get more customers you need an e-commerce business website online that are perfectly represent your business on web. It opens a great opportunity for your business to be apples of your customers eye as well as to generate exponential growth in revenue.

Here are some facts that should justify the need for online representation of your business.

eCommerce Facts and Stats:

Growth of online buyer from 2017 to 2021:

These stats are showing the growth of internet users from 2017 to 2021. As you can see in the chart the share of internet users in 2017 is 60.20% and the expected increase to it is 65.20% by the year 2021. (Source)

Revenue Generated by e-Commerce Businesses:

Retail e-commerce sales in 2019 calculated 3.535 billion US dollars globally according data published on Statista. And by the year 2021 it expected to generate 4.6 trillion US dollar sales per year. That can be the most powerful reason to go for digital, you can also increase your revenue through online sales.

Online Reputation Matters:

Your business’s online reputation matters because 88% i.e. almost 9 out of 10 consumers research online before make a purchase from online or in-store. So if your business have good reviews and ratings online then the chances of sale or conversion increases. This is a another reason go for online.

  • 19 percent consumers reads reviews before visit a website.
  • Approx 57 percent consumers using search engine to find those reviews.

Online Reputation Matters
Image: Online Reputation Matters

Effect of Social Media on Online Business:

According to stats publish by bigcommerce, e-commerce businesses that have social media profile sale 32% more compare to website that not using social media platforms. So online presence on social media also increase the sale in effective way. 74% of customers purchasing decision depends on social networks.

Effect of Social Media on Online Business
Image: Effect of Social Media on Online Business

Social networks enhance you to share videos, photos, of products and testimonial because potential consumers can be converted to a buyer by showing attractive offers, visuals, high quality product .

Mobile eCommerce Website:

Your e-commerce business having website is not just enough it should be mobile friendly too. Because more that 40% of online purchase is made by mobile phone worldwide. So your website tick all the box to increase your online sell capacity.

Mobile eCommerce Website
Image: Mobile eCommerce Website
  • 93% of consumers have compared online deals on mobile.
  • 79% of smart phone users have made purchase online.

Impact of Covid-19 on eCommerce Business Website:

One of the biggest behavior shift after Covid-19 is that the number of shoppers that go in store is decreased and buyer prefers online shopping over offline.

According to report publish by Amazon 52% consumer don’t go back to grocery stores and 58% more customers make online purchase in upcoming months. This not impact only grocery stores businesses also increase number of buyers for other business. (Source)

Impact of Covid-19 on eCommerce Business Website
Image: Impact of Covid-19 on eCommerce Business Website

So after COVID-19 your decision to take your business online or launch a e-commerce website can be a first step towards the successful online business.

Reach Globally:

Your products and services having potential to grab international market with it’s quality and uniqueness but you don’t know how to go for international. Then first you need is an e-commerce website development that give your business an identity on web.

According to the survey by IPSOS commissioned by PayPal. Some facts that impress are:

  • 64% small business owners said that internet increased their revenues or sales.
  • 73% businesses saved money by decreasing administrative costs.
  • 48% felt the online representations helped to expand their reach geographically.

Reach Globally
Image: Reach Globally

Niche Specific Marketing Approach:

With e-Commerce business website you can target niche specifically marketing champagne that can lead only the customers who are looking for specific products and services.

To target your audience internet marketing services are best for any business you can target audience according to age ranges, gender specification, geographic location, interest, behaviour etc. On the other hand you can choose search engine optimization(SEO) services but it will take months to drive organic traffic to your website.

Google Ads(PPC) and Facebook Ads are the best way to ad your e-commerce business online.

Google Ads(Pay Per Click)

  • 90% consumers say ads influence their purchase decisions. (Source)
  • 63% people clicked on google ads. (Source)
  • ROI ratio of google ads is 8:1 i.e. you can earn $8 on the spent of $1. (Source)

Google Ads(Pay Per Click) Facts
Image: Google Ads(Pay Per Click) Facts

Facebook Ads

  • 26% Facebook user click on ads. (Source)
  • The click through rate(CTR) is 0.9% across all industries. (Source)
  • 93 percent of social media advertiser using facebook ads. (Source)

Facebook Ads
Image: Facebook Ads


After know all facts and stats you can suppose how an e-commerce business website turn your small e-commerce business to million dollar company who generate more and more revenue. Just one step can open the doors of success.

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